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A Community-Driven Urban Acupuncture to Address The “Micro-Food Desert” In A Relatively Affluent County

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Author(s): Hui Cai, Kim S. Kimminau, Renee Bryant & Robin Liston

A growing number of studies recognize the impactof living in a “food desert” on residents’ health outcomessuch as obesity, diabetes and higher risk ofheart disease. However, most research has focusedon underserved areas with clear racial and economicstratification and associated disparities. Itis challenging to identify communities with limitedaccess to healthy food located in highly populatedand more affluent counties. These communities aresurrounded by resource rich neighborhoods andhave less clear geographically delimited concentrationsof poverty; Johnson County, Kansas is such anexample. This manuscript reports our research onhealthy food access in Johnson County through theurban acupuncture approach.

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Billie Faircloth, Howard Frumkin & Sara Jensen Carr