May 19, 2023

Call for Applications: ProPEL Editorial Board

Call for Applications: ProPEL Editorial Board

Deadline: June 28, 2023

ACSA and NCARB invite applications from faculty and practitioners, including recent graduates, to serve on the Editorial Board of ProPEL, the Professional Practice Education Library.

ProPEL is a growing library of online educational video resources focusing on professional practice. The library provides a flexible online platform for faculty and students to access short-format digital learning materials that address foundational, current practice, and future-state content. Faculty can select lessons as desired and integrate them with their teaching. The goal of ProPEL is to expand teaching resources to help better equip students for the future of architectural practice.

Content in ProPEL is determined by a five-person Editorial Board, composed of educators, practitioners, and one recent graduate, who serve for a three-year term. The term may be renewed for an additional three years. Editorial Board members receive an annual stipend.


a. To commission, review, and approve the publication of digital videos in the library through a process that involves review of such content for appropriateness for professional architecture degree programs or for practitioners seeking continuing education.

b. To identify prospective authors for creation of Digital Library Content

c. To identify prospective speakers or other individuals to create content that could be combined into publishable lessons or courses

d. To provide additional intellectual leadership for the Digital Library by establishing and updating a catalog of topics to be covered by the library.

  • prioritizing content to be developed
  • drafting calls for submissions and editorial statements guiding the library
  • providing written feedback on deliverables from authors or other content creators
  • reviewing feedback from the NCARB Professional Practice programs and research, such as the Scholars in Professional Practice, to assess the library’s content and future directions
  • reviewing content in the library periodically and sunsetting old content
  • assessing efficacy of the Digital Library and its software platform

The Editorial Board formally reports to the ACSA and NCARB, which provide staff support for the Editorial Board and funding for the creation and distribution of the library’s content. Senior staff will meet with the Editorial Board at least once per year, and will conduct an annual review of the work.

The Editorial Board meets approximately every 6 weeks by videoconference, with email correspondence in between. The board has funding for one to two in-person meetings.


Required: Educators must have an appointment at an ACSA member school (full, candidate, or affiliate).

For educators, we seek faculty with experience teaching professional practice, whether as a required or elective course. This does not need to be the only area of teaching experience. Service as a licensing advisor is a plus, but not required.


For practitioners, we seek licensed individuals with at least 3 years’ experience actively contributing to the development of early career licensure candidates and architects. Past or current experience as adjunct faculty, collaborating with accredited Architecture programs, publishing, or developing educational products is beneficial.


Recent graduates must hold a NAAB- or CACB-accredited degree and have begun the NCARB Architectural Experience Program. Preference will be given to candidates who have been involved in leadership roles in higher education or have been involved in advocacy groups post-graduation. These might include, but are not limited to, mentoring programs, advisory councils, leadership, or teaching assistant roles; AIAS or NOMAS chapter or national leadership; AIA emerging leader training or YAF leadership; NCARB committee volunteers.


Interested candidates may apply on their own or have someone submit a nomination. In either case, applicants must download the cover sheet and submit it along with the following items in a single PDF:

  • Cover letter that (a) indicates your interest and experience in professional practice education and (b) addresses your potential to contribute to the work of the Editorial Board. (2 pages maximum)
  • Current curriculum vitae highlighting relevant research, teaching, and service; or, for practitioners and recent graduates, a résumé outlining your education, experience, and any roles you have had in supervising or mentoring licensure candidates and/or contributing to architectural education at the university level. (2 pages maximum for either format)

The deadline for applications is June 28, 2023. Send the application to Julia McKenzie, ACSA Staff Editor,, with the subject line ProPEL Application.

We encourage nominations from Black, Indigenous/Native, and people of color, as well as from individuals teaching at minority-serving institutions. ACSA and NCARB seek to include members from a range of backgrounds, including race/ethnicity, gender, school type, and firm or practice type


Julia McKenzie
ACSA Staff Editor