2019 Architectural Education Award Winners

ACSA is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 Architectural Education Award Winners. Each year, ACSA honors architectural educators for exemplary work in areas such as building design, community collaborations, scholarship, and service. Award winners inspire and challenge students, contribute to the profession’s knowledge base, and extend their work beyond the borders of academy into practice and the public sector. Congratulations to all the award winners!

Read about the winning submissions below, and be sure to join us in celebrating the winners in Pittsburgh at the 107th ACSA Annual Meeting.
AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Architectural Education

Toshiko Mori

Harvard University
Distinguished Professor

Thomas Barrie

North Carolina State University

Thomas Fisher

University of Minnesota

Andres Mignucci

Universidad De Puerto Rico

Patricia Belton Oliver

University of Houston

Stephen D. Schreiber

University of Massachusetts
ACSA/AIAS New Faculty Teaching

Nikole Bouchard

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Joseph Godlewski

Syracuse University

Ming Hu

University of Maryland
Diversity Achievement

Sandra Vivanco

California College of the Arts

Katherine Ambroziak

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Irene Cheng

California College of the Arts
Creative Achievement


Paola Zellner-Bassett | Virginia Tech
Collaborative Practice

Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design

Ann Yoachim, Nick Jenisch, & Emilie Taylor Welty | Tulane University

Young, Informal & Sustainable

María Arquero de Alarcón & Ana Paula Pimentel Walker | University of Michigan

Empowerment by Design

Edna Ledesma | University of Texas at Austin

Home Re_Considered : Home Re_Defined

John E. Folan | Carnegie Mellon U. & Urban Design Build Studio
Faculty Design

Confluence Park

Andrew Kudless | California College of the Arts


Jose Sanchez | University of Southern California

Nine Islands

Neyran Turan | University of California, Berkeley

TB House

Rafael Beneytez-Duran & Ophelia Mantz | Texas Tech University
Faculty Design Honorable Mention

Robotic Needle Felting

Tsz Yan Ng, Asa Peller, & Wes McGee | University of Michigan

Image Matters

McLain Clutter & Cyrus Penarroyo | University of Michigan

ROMO Backcountry Privies

Will Koning & Rick Sommerfeld | University of Colorado Denver

Sentinel House

Mary C. Hardin | University of Arizona

The Baxa Scholars Cabin

Jason Griffiths | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Outdoor Pavilion for Environmental Education

Coleman Coker | University of Texas at Austin
AIA/ACSA Practice + Leadership

Is Doing Architecture Doing Research?

Elizabeth Martin-Malikian | Kennesaw State University
AIA/ACSA Housing Design Education

Energy Conserving Affordable Housing

Mary C. Hardin | University of Arizona

Saving Downtown Public Housing

Stephen D. Luoni & Shawna Hammon | University of Arkansas

What Would Jane Do?

Gregory Marinic | University of Kentucky
JAE Best Article

Patent Scenarios for the Mississippi River | Design as Scholarship

Richard L. Hindle

The Legibility of Environment | Scholarship of Design

Elizabeth M. Keslacy

ACSA would like to thank the awards jurors, board of directors, and JAE editorial board for their work in reviewing almost 200 submissions and selecting the above award winners. View past winners.

Topaz Jury 
Donna J. Kacmar, U. of Houston
Evelyn M. Lee, Newmark Knight Frank
Donna Robertson, Illinois Institute of Technology
Amelia Rosen, Carnegie Mellon U.
Adele Naudé Santos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New Faulty Teaching Jury 
Jose Gamez, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
June Williamson, City College of New York
Brigid Callaghan, American Institute of Architecture Students
Keshika De Saram, American Institute of Architecture Students

Diversity Achievement Jury 
Beth Lundell Garver, Boston Architectural College
Mahesh Daas, U.of Kansas
Nichole Wiedemann, U.of Texas at Austin

Collaborative Practice Jury
Beth Lundell Garver, Boston Architectural College
Aziza Chaouni, U. of Toronto
Sekou Cooke, Syracuse U.

Housing Design Education Jury
Francisco Rodriguez-Suarez, U. De Puerto Rico
Kiwana McClung, U. of Louisiana at Lafayette
Karen Kubey, Pratt Institute
Ceara O’Leary, U. of Detroit Mercy

Distinguished Professor Jury 
Anne Bordeleau, U. of Waterloo
Bruce Lindsey, Washington U. in St. Louis
Marilys Nepomechie, Florida International U.

Creative Achievement Jury

June Williamson, City College of New York
Rob Miller, U. of Arizona
Kristy Balliet, SCI-Arc

Faculty Design Jury
Lola Sheppard, U. of Waterloo
Kelly Bair, U. of Illinois at Chicago
Alvin Huang, University of Southern California

Design Build Jury
Sheryl Boyle, Carleton U.
Jeff Day, U. of Nebraska-LincolnTim Gray, Ball State U.

Practice & Leadership Jury
Lynne Dearborn, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Caryn Brause, U. of Massachusetts, Amherst
Robert Brooks, Louisiana Tech U.
Deane Evans, New Jersey Institute of Technology

JAE Best Article Award Jury
JAE Editorial Board
ACSA Board of Directors