February 29, 2024

AASL Column, February 2024


AASL Column, February 2024

Barret Havens and Barbara Opar, column editors

Image Credit: Anthony Maw

AASL would like to invite ACSA conference attendees to one or more of our conference sessions as your time permits. As the conference program below suggests, in keeping with this year’s ACSA conference theme, “Disrupters on the Edge,” AASL will explore innovative practices related to information resources, technologies, and services within architecture school libraries. 

The AASL conference will be held at the Sheraton, ACSA’s venue.  AASL is assigned a specific hotel conference room. This information will be readily available at our registration desk.

Thursday, March 14

PRESENTATIONS (9:10 – 10:30 AM)

Instructor/Librarian Collaborations: Disrupting Canons, Diversifying Readings, and Demystifying Research
Kristin Barry, Ball State University
Amy Trendler, Ball State University

Zines: The New Generation of Radical Architecture Little Magazines
Lynn Kawaratani, Carnegie Mellon University

Defining Design Research: Environmental Scan of Architecture Librarians Engaging with Design Research
Tess Colwell, Yale University

Writing Support for the Design Disciplines
Nicole Santiago, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

LIGHTNING TALKS (10:45 – 11:45 AM)

Changing Times, Changing Questions: Adapting on the Run
Rebecca Price, University of Michigan Library

Library as a Community Hub
Maya Gervits, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Disruption as Opportunity: How Organizational Change and Uncertainty can Lead to a Sustainable Architectural Archives Program
Kathy Winsor Bohlman, Yale University

Finding Adaptive Reuse Literature in the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
Ellen Petraits, Rhode Island School of Design

PRESENTATIONS (2:00 – 3:00 PM)

Disruption in Design: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration Within the Design Thinking Process
Alisha D. Rall, Kansas State University.

Living and Working with Robots: Exploring Ethical Deployments of AI in the Library.
Katie Pierce Meyer, University of Texas at Austin

Nose to Tail:  Moving Beyond the Collection to Address the Entire Life of Scholarship
Catherine Essinger, University of Houston


The Editorial Section-Structured around interviews with editors at a variety of architectural journals, this session will discuss perspectives on topics from format and mission to open access and DEI considerations.

Sara Schumacher, Texas Tech University, moderator

Friday, MARCH 15

Moderator: ACSA/ Location TBA

Exo-Skeleton: A Micro Design-Build
Gregory Spaw & Ahmed Ammar, American University of Sharjah
Lee Su Huang University of Florida

Artificial Intelligence Literacy: Collaborating to Support Image Research in Architecture Education
Cathryn Copper & Paul Howard Harrison & Zhenxiao Yang, University of Toronto

Diversifying the Curriculum: Use of Artificial Intelligence in Architectural Education
Nesrine Mansour, South Dakota State University

Artificial Connections: Finding the Architect’s Role in Text-to-Image Tectonics

Nick Safley, Kent State University