December 13, 2023

AASL Column, December 2023


AASL Column, December 2023

Column by Barbara Opar, column editor

A Dozen Delights for the Holidays:

New architecture books aimed to please! Mostly quite affordable as well….

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A dozen for the days

Black Interior Designers. Inc.  Iconic Home: Interiors, Advice, And Stories From 50 Amazing Black Designers. New York: Abrams Books, 2023. ISBN: 9781419763649. 256 Pages. $25.00

Spotlights the work and design philosophy of notable names such as Justina Blakeney, Faith Blakeney, Adair Curtis and Jason Bolden of JSN Studio, Bridgid Coulter, Corey Damen Jenkins, Forbes Masters, General Judd, Keia McSwain, and Brigette Romanek.


Groaz, Silvia. New Brutalism: The Invention of a Style. Lausanne: EPFL Press, 2023. ISBN: 9782889155101. 280 Pages.  $75.00

The foundations and myths of this iconic style and its worldwide influence are discussed through the lens of cultural history.


Hopkins, Owen. Multispace: Architecture at the Dawn of the Metaverse (Architectural Design). Hoboken: Wiley, 2023. ISBN: 9781394163540. 136 pages. $45.00.

A timely and important addition to the literature.


Kincaid, Jamaica.  Garden Futures: Designing With Nature. Weil am Rhein: Vitra Design Museum, 2023. ISBN: 9783945852538  $39.95.

This new book examines what gardens and their design reveal about our relationship to nature. The photographs complement an engaging text.


Lewis, Amber. Call It Home: The Details That Matter. New York: Clarkson Potter, 2023. ISBN: 9780593235522.  128 Pages. $24.49.

A new work by this author, the book presents a strong case for the value of good design and appropriate use of architectural detailing.


Lokko, Lesley. Biennale Architettura 2023: The Laboratory of the Future. San Marco: La Biennale di Venezia, 2023. ISBN:9788836654512. 3650 pages. $95.00.

Need we say more? If you couldn’t attend, you can still savor the moments. 


Minh Ngo, Ngoc. New York Green: Discovering the City’s Most Treasured Parks and Gardens Sioux City: Iowa: Artisan, 2023. ISBN: 9781648290732. 256 pages. $22.99.

A delightful virtual tour.


Pearman, Hugh. About Architecture: An Essential Guide in 55 Buildings. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2023. ISBN: 9780300263442. 256 pages. $32.77.

Introduces ancient as well as contemporary icons.


Peter, Bruce. Denmark in Britain: Architecture, Design and Lifestyle, 1945−1970. Lausanne: Peter Lang Ltd, International Academic Publishers, 2023. ISBN: 9781789972771. 269 Pages.  $69.30.

Danish modern architecture and design were much admired after World War II in Great Britain. This book details the reasons why through an engaging visual exploration of the era and its iconic works.


Wilkins, Gretchen. Cranbrook Architecture: A Legacy of Latitude (Architectural Design). Hoboken: Wiley, 2023.  ISBN:9781119834427. 136 Pages. $45.00.

The rich legacy of Cranbrook comes alive through this guide.


Wong, Liliane. Adaptive Reuse in Architecture: A Typological Index.  Basel: Birkhäuser, 2023. ISBN: 9783035625639. 224 pages. $55.39.

55 conversion and reuse projects from around the globe are shown, discussed and classified in this notable Birkhauser publication.


Uffelen, Chris van. Contemporary Architecture: Masterpieces around the World. Salenstein, Switzerland: Braun Publishing, 2023. ISBN: 9783037682845. 432 Pages.

A visual delight.