MARCH 14–16 | Vancouver, BC

ACSA112 Annual Meeting

The conference asks educators, architects, and designers, how have disruptors inspired us to address urgencies of climate crisis, social inequity, resource scarcity, decolonization, and fair access to housing and health care, with renewed purpose? What can outliers and the traditionally marginalized teach us about breaking away from customary approaches? And most importantly, how can we (re)organize our efforts and ourselves to implement more effective action in the next quarter century?

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Academy for Public Scholarship on the Built Environment: CLIMATE ACTION

ACSA is partnering with The Op-Ed Project and the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to provide training and guidance on externalization strategies. This opportunity is for architecture faculty, whose research intersects with climate action or climate justice, and is intended to help them impact conversations that affect everyone.

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2024 Steel Design Student Competition

The 2024 Steel Design Student Competition challenges students to explore a variety of design issues related to the use of steel in design and construction.

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TAD 9.1 Generative Call for Papers

TAD invites contributions that include but are not limited to the development, application, and role of generative processes and technologies in the design of the built environment across multiple scales; innovative applications in materials, fabrication, and construction; assessing the impacts of artificial and augmented intelligence on design cognition; innovative applications in design education; processes and methods for the critical curation of data; issues of authorship and intellectual property in the use of generative systems; the development of policies for their ethical use in education, research, and professional contexts; and the critical analysis of their historical, social, cultural, and economic impacts. The editors strongly encourage submissions highlighting contributions of women, minorities, and other people traditionally excluded or underrepresented in the field.

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JAE 79.1 Architecture Beyond Extraction Call for Papers

This themed issue of the Journal of Architectural Education asks for critical examinations of the systems and processes of extraction that shape architecture as well as work that highlights non-extractive practices.

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2024 Timber Competition

Timber in the City 5, focuses on urban housing needs through the addition of a vertical...

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2024 COTE Competition

The competition challenges students to integrate health, sustainability, and equity,...

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Dates + Deadlines

JAE Call for Editorial Board Members (2024 – 2027)

Register: Fri, Mar 1, 2024

Annual Business Meeting: Call for Memorials

Submit: Wed, Mar 20, 2024

Academy for Public Scholarship on the Built Environment: CLIMATE ACTION - Call for Submissions

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2024 Timber Education Prize

Submit: Wed, Apr 3, 2024

2024 COTE Competition

Register: Wed, Apr 10, 2024

2024 Steel Competition

Register: Wed, Apr 10, 2024

2024 Timber Competition

Register: Wed, Apr 10, 2024

TAD 9:1 Call for Papers Generative

Submit: Sat, Jun 15, 2024

JAE 79:1 Call for Papers Architecture Beyond Extraction

Submit: Fri, Aug 2, 2024

The Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) is a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal, and the primary venue for research and commentary on architectural education.

Technology | Architecture + Design (TAD) is a biannual peer-­reviewed international journal dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in the field of building technology and its translation, integration, and impact on architecture and design.

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