As we prepare for the 2013 NAAB Accreditation Review Conference, the ACSA Board of Directors would like to hear your thoughts on some of the most pressing issues regarding conditions and procedures. Every week leading up to the Administrators Conference in Austin, we will ask one question for your feedback. Please share these with your colleagues and keep the conversation going. Please comment below.

The One and the Many 
All these SPC’s in one project? How about 2 or more? Student teams? With Comprehenisve Design becoming the dominant SPC, what changes should be made to how student mastery of multiple SPC’s is documented and reviewed?

B. 6. Comprehensive Design: Ability to produce a comprehensive architectural
project that demonstrates each student’s capacity to make design decisions
across scales while integrating the following SPC:

  • A.2. Design Thinking Skills
  • A.4. Technical Documentation
  • A.5. Investigative Skills
  • A.8. Ordering Systems
  • A.9. Historical Traditions and Global Culture
  • B.2. Accessibility
  • B.3. Sustainability
  • B.4. Site Design
  • B.5. Life Safety
  • B.8. Environmental Systems
  • B.9. Structural Systems