107th ACSA Annual Meeting  |  BLACK BOX: Articulating Architecture's Core in the Post-Digital Era
March 28-30, 2019  |  Pittsburgh, PA
Co-chairs:    Jeremy Ficca, Carnegie Mellon University
                     Amy Kulper, Rhode Island School of Design
                     Grace La, Harvard University
Host School: Carnegie Mellon University


Following is a preliminary conference schedule and is subject to change.
Please check back for the most up-to-date information. 

 WEDNESDAY, March 27, 2019 
  5:30pm    ACSA/AIA Housing & Community Development Workshop 
 THURSDAY, March 28, 2019 
  9:00am    ACSA/AIA Housing & Community Development Workshop 
  9:00am    TAD Defining Your Research Workshop 
  9:00am    Accreditation Changes Workshop 
  2:00pm    Sessions 
  3:30pm       Break 
  4:00pm    Sessions 
  6:00pm    Opening Plenary: Peggy Deamer & Antoine Picon
  7:00pm       Opening Reception 
 FRIDAY, March 29, 2019 
  9:00am    Regional Caucuses 
  10:00am       Break 
  10:30pm    Sessions 
  12:00pm       Lunch (on your own)
  2:00pm    Sessions 
  3:30pm       Break 
  4:00pm    ACSA Business Meeting 
  5:30pm       Awards Reception & Topaz Medallion: Toshiko Mori
 SATURDAY, March 30, 2019 
  9:00am    Sessions 
  10:30am       Break 
  11:00am    Sessions 
  12:30pm       Lunch (on your own) 
  2:30pm    Sessions 
  4:00pm       Transportation to Carnegie Museum of Art 
  5:00pm    TSD Gold Medal: Weng Shu & Lu Wenyu
  6:00pm       Closing Party, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture & Black Box Exhibition