Diversity Achievement

Submission Deadline: September 25, 2019                                                                                                                                                            

To recognize the work of faculty, administrators, or students in creating effective methods and models to achieve greater diversity in curricula, school personnel, and student bodies, specifically to incorporate the participation and contributions of historically under-represented groups or contexts.

Nominees shall have had a positive stimulating influence on diversity within architecture education, schools, and/or the community at large. 

Persons or groups in ACSA member schools whose activities have clearly been identified with architectural education in ACSA full-member and candidate-member schools are eligible. The achievement must have been accomplished during the period of appointment. Any faculty member, administrator, or student at an ACSA full-member and candidate-member school may nominate a candidate for the ACSA Diversity Achievement Award. Junior faculty and upper administration are encouraged to work together to submit to this award. Projects that have previously been recognized by ACSA will not be considered.

Nomination Documentation
All materials are to be submitted through the online system by the nominator or nominee; once the nomination is finalized all parties will receive a confirmation email. The résumé and supporting letters are best uploaded as PDF documents. The supporting material (portfolio) must not exceed a total of 20, 8.5x11 pages and be submitted in PDF format. All material must be submitted by September 25, 2019 at 5:00 pm EDT, online at www.acsa-arch.org and the submitter will need to log into the ACSA website in order to submit. Previous recipients are ineligible for this award.

Each submission shall contain the following information:

  • Nomination Information, completed online during submission (www.acsa-arch.org);
  • Letter of Nomination: A letter explaining the reasons for the nomination according to the established criteria, not to exceed one page (PDF format);
  • Curated Résumé: A curated résumé of the candidate summarizing his or her career (no more than 10 pages in PDF format);
  • Supporting Letters: No more than three supporting letters (in addition to the letter of nomination) from colleagues and/or students commenting upon the significance of the specific achievements of the candidate (no more than 1 page each in separate PDF format);
  • Supporting Material: Illustrating or describing the nominee’s achievements, which would include teaching evaluations, syllabi, or student work (not to exceed a total of 20, 8.5x11 pages, in PDF format).

Selection & Presentation
The ACSA Awards Committee shall recommend to the ACSA board for approval no more than three individuals for awards per year. The committee, in any year, may choose not to bestow the Diversity Achievement Award. ACSA shall present recipients with a certificate during the ACSA Annual Meeting and recipients will have the opportunity to present their work.


+ 2020 Architectural Education Awards Program
Past Recipients

2020 DA Jurors
Robert Gonzalez (Chair), Texas Tech University
Lori Brown, Syracuse University
Andrew Chin, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University