Education Committee

The Education Committee leads ACSA’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of architectural education through best practices. The committee oversees and recommends, as necessary, actions to cultivate and disseminate these best practices.

Francis E. Lyn photo


Francis E. Lyn
Associate Director
Florida Atlantic University     
Boca Raton, FL

Bethany Lundell Garver photo


Bethany Lundell Garver
Director of Applied Learning
Boston Architectural College     
Boston, MA

Dr. Carmina Sanchez-del-Valle photo


Dr. Carmina Sanchez-del-Valle
Hampton University     
Hampton, VA

Elizabeth Seidel photo


Elizabeth Seidel
Vice President
American Institute of Architecture Students     
Washington, DC

Charles Setterfield photo


Charles Setterfield
Sinclair Community College     
Dayton, OH