Planning Committee

Advises the board on planning for long, medium, and short terms. Monitors and updates the organization's strategic plan and assesses the organization's progress against strategic plan objectives.

Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez photo


Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez
Decano, Catedrático Auxiliar
Universidad De Puerto Rico    
San Juan, PR

Shannon Criss photo


Shannon Criss
Associate Professor
University of Kansas     
Lawrence, KS

Lynne Dearborn photo


Lynne Dearborn
Associate Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign     
Champaign, IL

Corey T. Griffin photo


Corey T. Griffin
Associate Professor
Portland State University     
Portland, OR

Bruce Lindsey photo


Bruce Lindsey
Washington University in St. Louis     
St. Louis, MO

Rashida Ng photo


Rashida Ng
Chair and Associate Professor
Temple University     
Philadelphia, PA

Rebecca O'Neal Dagg photo


Rebecca O'Neal Dagg
Associate Professor
Auburn University     
Auburn, AL