Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the administrative and governing body of the Association. The Board is empowered to transact all business not specifically reserved for action by the membership. It is also empowered to adopt Rules to address policy issues in its discretion. The Board of Directors shall consist of the following members:

Hsinming Fung photo


Hsinming Fung
Director of Academic Affairs
Southern California Institute of Architecture     
Los Angeles, CA

Marilys R. Nepomechie photo


Marilys R. Nepomechie
(Vice President/President-Elect)
Florida International University     
Miami, FL

Norman R. Millar photo


Norman R. Millar
Dean, School of Architecture
Woodbury University     
Burbank, CA

Jori A. Erdman photo


Jori A. Erdman
Louisiana State University     
Baton Rouge, LA

Gregory A. Luhan photo


Gregory A. Luhan
University of Kentucky     
Lexington, KY

Shannon Criss photo


Shannon Criss
(West Central Director)
Associate Professor
University of Kansas     
Lawrence, KS

Leslie K. Van Duzer photo


Leslie K. Van Duzer
(Canadian Director)
Director and Professor
University of British Columbia     
Vancouver, BC, Canada

John Cays photo


John Cays
(Northeast Director)
Associate Dean
New Jersey Institute of Technology     
Newark, NJ

Dr. Carlos A. Reimers photo


Dr. Carlos A. Reimers
(Mid Atlantic Director)
Assistant Professor
Catholic University of America     
Washington, DC

Mo Zell photo


Mo Zell
(East Central Director)
Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee     
Milwaukee, WI

David W. Hinson photo


David W. Hinson
(Gulf Director)
Head - School of Architecture, Planning, & landscape Architecture
Auburn University     
Auburn, AL

Ryan E. Smith photo


Ryan E. Smith
(West Director)
Associate Professor
University of Utah     
Salt Lake City, UT

Obi Okolo photo


Obi Okolo
(Student Director)
American Institute of Architecture Students     
Washington, DC

Andrew Dannenberg photo


Andrew Dannenberg
(Public Director)
Affiliate Professor
University of Washington     
Seattle, WA

Michael J. Monti photo


Michael J. Monti
(Executive Director)
Executive Director
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture     
Washington, DC