Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the administrative and governing body of the Association. The Board is empowered to transact all business not specifically reserved for action by the membership. It is also empowered to adopt Rules to address policy issues in its discretion. The Board of Directors shall consist of the following members:

Dr. Robert González photo


Dr. Robert González
University of New Mexico     
Albuquerque, NM

Ms. Sharon Haar photo


Ms. Sharon Haar
(First Vice President/President-Elect)
University of Michigan     
Ann Arbor, MI

Mo Zell photo


Mo Zell
(Second Vice President)
Chair / Professor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee     
Milwaukee, WI

Lynne Dearborn photo


Lynne Dearborn
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign     
Champaign, IL

Ms. Antje K. Steinmuller photo


Ms. Antje K. Steinmuller
BArch Chair and Associate Professor
California College of the Arts (CCA)     
San Francisco, CA

Catherine Hamel photo


Catherine Hamel
(Canadian Director)
Associate Dean Academic, Associate Professor
University of Calgary     
Calgary, AB, Canada

Shannon DeFranza photo


Shannon DeFranza
(Student Director)
AIAS Vice President
American Institute of Architecture Students     
Washington, DC

Courtney Crosson photo


Courtney Crosson
(At-Large Director)
Assistant Professor
University of Arizona     
Tucson, AZ

Kwesi Daniels photo


Kwesi Daniels
(At-Large Director)
Asst. Professor
Tuskegee University     
Tuskegee, AL

Mr. Jeffrey L. Day photo


Mr. Jeffrey L. Day
(At-Large Director)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln     
Lincoln, NE

Ms. Gundula Proksch photo


Ms. Gundula Proksch
(At-Large Director)
Associate Professor
University of Washington     
Seattle, WA

Martha Campbell photo


Martha Campbell
(Public Director)
Rocky Mountain Institute     
Oakland, CA