NEW BOOK: Streets For All – 50 Ideas for Shaping Resilient Cities

Streets For All by Shyam Khandekar and Vinayak Bharne explores the potential of the most ubiquitous public space in our cities. Going from Egypt to Japan, Sweden to Brazil and New York to Malta, it examines the social, economic, ecological, architectural and technical dimensions of streets across the world and offers tactics and strategies on how they can be recast, repurposed and redesigned towards greater resilience and resourcefulness.

Authored by a variety of individuals – citizen activists, photographers, artists, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, ecologists, sociologists, engineers, professors, practitioners – this book interrogates the notion of who our streets are for, who in turn shapes them, by what means and to what ends. It argues that while we share larger aspirations regarding the future of our streets, the socio-political and cultural realities of the cities in which streets are situated play a crucial role in how we engage in the processes of transforming them.

This book reveals why our urban future is being shaped as much by progressive efforts in affluent nations and those in economically less developed ones.