Professors Day and Griffiths Earn Sand Creek Post & Beam Design and Fabrication Grant Awards


We are excited to announce that the Sand Creek Post & Beam Design and Fabrication grant awards from the College of Architecture were awarded to Professor Jeffrey L. Day and Associate Professor Jason Griffiths this semester.

Day’s proposal “Solar Mass Timber Bus Shelters & Bike Sheds for the UNL Campus” aims to develop new prototypes for bus shelters and bike sheds on campus as part of the FACT 2022 spring studio.

The goal is to develop a climate positive approach using mass timber’s potential as a carbon sink combined with the ability of an integrated, active solar array to generate more power than is required for the structures to operate.

Griffiths’s project “Curve Continuity” proposes to take the curved Cross Laminated Timber panels created from the Plain Design Studio, currently on display at Omaha by Design (XX-LAM,) and have them adapted and modified for a permanent structure. The aim of this structure is to demonstrate the possibilities of vac-formed, curved timber composites that feature Nebraskan timber sources.

These grants were funded by Nebraska-based Timberlyne, manufacturer of pre-built post and beam kits. Last year, Timerlyne pledged $50,000 to the College of Architecture to establish the Sand Creek Post & Beam Design and Fabrication Fund which provides competitive grants to support wood construction research and fabrication.

Timberlyne was cofounded by UNL alumni Jule Goeller and Len Dickinson in 2004 in Wayne, Nebraska.

“With this grant program, the College of Architecture is going to be part of shaping the future of what our company does,” said Jule Goeller cofounder. “We would like to be able to continue to create beautiful buildings and dreams for our customers. We think it’s important to make sure that the people who are now in college or will be going to college, are educated in timber construction and allowed to use their creativity in designing what direction that future might take for all of us.”

“We are very excited about the Timberlyne partnership and to see these great projects come to fruition,” said Architecture Program Director David Karle. “The grants bring together faculty, students, and industry partners to research and fabricate new and innovative solutions for mass timber. Through these experiential learning opportunities, our students can apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios.”


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