June 17, 2013

Integrated Project Delivery

Call for Presentations: FOREFRONT: Architects as Collaborative Leaders

FOREFRONT is a conference jointly sponsored by the AIA Center for Integrated Practice, AIA Utah, and the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning and is in partnership with ACSA. Presentations are sought on emerging technologies and the role of architects as leaders in designing and constructing our built environment.

The Call for Presentations deadline is extended due Monday, June 17, 2013 at noon ET!

ACSA Meeting Lectures

2010 ACSA Administrators Conference, Washington, DC

2011 ACSA Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC

ACSA Resources

  • BIM/IPD School Survey (PDF)
    Survey of  administrators about the use of building information modeling (BIM) and integrated project delivery (IPD) content in architecture curricula. Administrators at more than 50 schools responded (37% of accredited or candidate programs), giving an initial picture of the inclusion of this emerging content in schools.
  • “2007 Integrated Practice and the Twenty-first Century Curriculum”
    Originally released in 2007 and the result of workshops held during June 28 – July 7, 2007 at Cranbrook Academy. Workshop co-chairs: Daniel S. Friedman, Joyce M. Noe, and Norman Strong.
  • ACSA Index Content
    Select papers from ACSA Conference Proceedings

AIA Resources

Integrating a Studio: An ACSA/Autodesk Video

ACSA member school, Pennsylvania State University, teaches emerging design and project delivery methods in the studio. These methods, leveraged by powerful building information modeling technologies, involve early collaboration with the full spectrum of participants in design, engineering, and construction. In the studio classroom, this translates into similar experiences, encouraging collaborative work in the studio among disciplines and teaches students to produce a comprehensive architectural project facilitated by building information modeling.


Kendall Nicholson
Director of Research + Information