Faculty Resources

Professional Practice Education Library

ProPEL is a library of video resources on foundational and emerging topics ranging from contracts to lean construction and design. ProPEL was developed in partnership between ACSA and NCARB.
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2021 Course Development Prize - Winners Announced

Education in architecture and urbanism is well-positioned creatively and critically to address the exigencies of climate change. However, pedagogical methods that prioritize immediate applicability can come at the expense of teaching and research that explore the sociocultural and ecopolitical dimensions of the crisis...
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ACSA Online Discussions

Since March of 2020, the ACSA has been hosting a series of online discussions centered around the pivot to online learning and equity in architecture. This page is a growing repository of resource videos and audio files of the online events.
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Member Networks

We are piloting Member Networks to deepen connections and encourage collaboration among architecture faculty, staff, and students. ACSA invites faculty, students, and others to help establish action networks organized under various topics.
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COVID-19 Response and Resources

ACSA has gathered some of the discussions from member schools which we hope will serve as a resource as you navigate the changes brought on by the transition to online learning.
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Assessing the Quality of Architectural Research and Scholarship

Architecture is a diverse discipline that draws from a variety of areas of interest. With its own practices, activities, and measures for assessing quality. This diversity of faculty areas of expertise and their research, scholarship, and creative activities presents challenges to schools of architecture in developing policies and standards for assessing the quality of these activities that respect and support all their faculty.
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Diversity Resources

The ACSA Board of Directors has made increasing diversity in ACSA member schools a visible and continuing set of conversations and actions. The issue of diversity in the academy and the profession encompasses a range of complex, interrelated issues, but the time for action to increase the inclusion of underrepresented groups is now.
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Architectural Education-Research and STEM

Architecture is a diverse field that draws from multiple areas. Many architecture programs can and do include STEM-related content and a segment of architecture faculty already conduct research in STEM-related areas of interest. Taking advantage of this can offer potential to schools of architecture in both the education and research components of their mission.
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Design, Health, and Resilience

ACSA has partnered with AIA to develop research, scholarship, and curricular resources to develop explicit connections between design, health, and resilience. Two rounds of AIA Decade of Design grants have been offered, with additional grants anticipated in 2016.
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Innovation and Research

The Economic Recovery Act signed into law by President Obama enables resources for investments in infrastructure, affordable housing, education, and mass transit, as well as funding for research. We believe students and schools of architecture have a valuable contribution to make to help ensure that projects funded are not simply “shovel-ready,” but “shovel-worthy.”
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Housing Programs

Sponsored by ACSA, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and Iowa State University, the April 2011 symposium was a continuation of a project started by the NEA to stimulate and promote innovative design strategies for affordable and mixed-income housing.
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Steel Video Resources

Below are Steel Resource videos from Professor Terri Meyer Boake from the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture on Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS). These video are provided from The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and Professor Boake.
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