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Moving Towards an Equitable Future

This is the 2017-18 report of the ACSA Education Committee. The committee leads ACSA’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of architectural education through best practices.

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Integrated Project Delivery

Visit ACSA’s Integrated Practice Resources page to download results from a survey of schools about BIM and IPD, as well as videos from recent ACSA conferences, links to AIA case studies, and more.

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ACSA Atlas Project


The ACSA Atlas is a data collection project to examine architectural education and practice across five general statistical contexts—demography, profession (incorporating both education and practice), culture, environment, and economy.  

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Grants and Research: Affordable Housing

Sponsored by ACSA, the NEA, and Iowa State, the symposium was a continuation of a project started by the NEA to stimulate and promote innovative design strategies for affordable and mixed-income housing.

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Studio Reports

Studio Reports of current coursework from various levels of curriculum, exploring the diversity of current syllabi and pedagogies.

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Plastics: A Case Study

This website decodes the relationship between architecture and plastic. Technical and historical fact, and design concept provide a starting point for plastic deployment, interrogation and experimentation.

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ACSA is partnering with AIA to develop research, scholarship, and curricular resources to develop explicit connections between design,  health, and resilience. Two rounds of AIA Decade of Design grants have been offered, with additional grants anticipated in 2016.

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Summer Studio

 A multi-partner, public interest design education and service learning project in a small town in Haiti. The project was organized by ACSA, Howard U. and the U. Illinois at Urbana Champaign in partnership with Mercy Outreach Ministry International.

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A collaborative effort of the AIA and the National Institute of Building Sciences, Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK) is an interactive portal offering online access to peer-reviewed research projects and case studies in all facets of building.

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Practical guides for faculty and administrators in the over one hundred and thirty architectural programs in the United States, covering topics such as strategies for success, balancing teaching, research and service.

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