Junior Faculty Handbook on Tenure and Promotion

Junior Faculty Handbook on Tenure and Promotion

With special thanks to Robert Greenstreet (1989-1999 Distinguished Professor & 2013 Topaz Laureate) & Marvin Malecha (2001-2002 Distinguished Professor & 2003 Topaz Laureate)


New Administrators Handbook

The Ninth Edition of the New Administrators’ Workshop and accompanying Handbook is a returning session of the ACSA Administrators Conference.

Deans Bob Greenstreetof the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Rodner Wright of Florida A&M University and Marvin Malecha of NC State University have joined together for this edition of the Handbook.

New Administrators' Handbook (Download by section using the following links:)

+ Click Here to download the entire New Administrators' Handbook (20 MB PDF)