The College of Distinguished Professors, founded in 2010, is composed of members of the Associations who are awarded the ACSA/AIA Topaz Medal Laureate and/or the ACSA Distinguished Professor Award. College membership is one of the highest honors the ACSA can bestow upon an educator. All College members may use the title “ACSA Distinguished Professor, DPACSA” in perpetuity.

College of Distinguished Professors “CALL FOR NOMINATIONS”

The College is collecting nominations for the position of DPACSA Secretary beginning in July 2018.
          Following are the current DPACSA College officers:
          Chancellor – William J. Carpenter, DPACSA, Kennesaw State University
          Vice Chancellor – Carmina Sanchez-del-Valle, DPACSA, Hampton University
          Secretary – Christine Theodoropoulos, DPACSA, California Polytechnic State University
          Past Chancellor – Geraldine Forbes-Isais, DPACSA, University of New Mexico
“The SECRETARY shall record all actions taken at the College annual meeting and meetings of the Officers of the College of Distinguished Professors and shall furnish a copy thereof to the Association.” The [College] Officers will be elected at the College’s annual meeting held during the ACSA 106th Annual Conference in Denver, CO. The College members (Topaz Laureates and Distinguished Professors) present shall elect the incoming Secretary. Please send nominations, including a 600-word candidate statement, to Eric Ellis, eellis@acsa-arch.org, in the national office by March 7, 2018.

Are you seeking information on how to join the ACSA College of Distinguished Professors?
Please visit the ACSA Awards webpage for detailed information on nominations for the ACSA/AIA Topaz Medal Laureate and the ACSA Distinguished Professor Award. 

The ACSA/AIA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education is awarded jointly by ACSA and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The Topaz Medallion is the highest award given to architectural educators. It honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to architectural education, whose teaching has influenced a broad range of students, and who has helped shape the minds of students who will shape our environment.

The ACSA Distinguished Professor Award recognizes sustained creative achievement in the advancement of architectural education through teaching, design, scholarship, research, or service.

Additional questions on the ACSA College of Distinguished Professors should be addressed to:

Eric W. Ellis, ACSA Director of Operations and Programs
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
1735 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006
tel: 202.785.2324 (ext 3)
email: eellis@acsa-arch.org

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Banner Image: ACSA College of Distinguished Professors, March 2, 2012, Boston, MA
Attendees: Lance Jay Brown, Chancellor; Marvin Malecha, Vice-Chancellor; Ikhlas Sabouni, Secretary; Steve Badanes; George Baird; Tom Fowler; Peter Waldman; Bob Greenstreet; Tony Schuman; Ed Allen; Stanford Anderson; Rafael Longoria; Max Underwood; Mehesh Daas; Kathryn Anthony; Geraldine Forbes-Isas; Francis Bronet; Gregory Palermo; Donald Corner; Donlyn Lyndon; Carmina Sanchez; Juan Miro; Jeffrey Ochsner; Robert J. Dunay; Cecil Steward; Georgia Bizios