Index of Scholarship

December 2016

The Index of Scholarship is a database of research expertise at ACSA member programs. For prospective students, the Index is a visual resource that can be referenced when deciding where to apply. For ACSA members, the Index is part of an effort to help stimulate funding opportunities and cross-institution collaboration. The goal is to have a visual resource that faculty, administrators, firms and prospective students can use to acknowledge research in academia.

ACSA Members: Click here to log in and search for faculty members by expertise and to visualize in greater detail research expertise by architecture program.

If you need more help finding schools of interest, visit Study Architecture to explore a wealth of resources, surround school philosophy, admissions, degree options and the latest news in the global architecture community.

More Data Resources

Where Are My People? Hispanic and Latinx in Architecture

Hispanic and Latinx in Architecture chronicles both societal and discipline specific metrics in an effort to highlight the experiences of Hispanic and Latinx designers, architects and educators.
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Where Are My People? Black in Architecture

Inspired by the data visualizations created by W.E.B. Du Bois in 1900, the first research report in the series, Black in Architecture, highlights metrics to help both the profession and the academy understand what it means to navigate architecture as a Black person.
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Where Are the Women? Measuring Progress on Gender in Architecture

The farther up you look in the world of architecture, the fewer women you see. We’ve rounded up some publicly available metrics behind this claim, in order to examine them more closely.
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ACSA Institutional Data Report 2020

This report investigates current and historical metrics of institutional effectiveness and details more than 530 architecture degree programs.
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Kendall Nicholson
Director of Research + Information