Budget and Enrollment Survey

Architecture School Budgets Decrease for 2019-20

The annual survey, now in its tenth year, asks schools to identify changes in budgets, enrollment, applications and academic staffing over the previous year. ACSA members comprise both public and private institutions, primarily in the United States and Canada.

Budgets in architecture schools are showing downward trends this year, according to the results from ACSA’s 2019-20 Budget and Enrollment Survey. Applications and enrollment for architecture programs appeared relatively stable but vary by degree type.

Survey responses from 98 ACSA Full, Candidate, Affiliate and International member schools showed stability in total program budgets. However, schools reported decreases in funds allotted for travel and discretionary expenses, making trends in budgets less than ideal.

Following trends in recent years, applications and enrollment showed an increase across undergraduate programs, i.e. preprofessional and B.Arch programs. For the fourth year in a row, programs reported aggregate increases in both applications and enrollment for 4-year preprofessional programs. Additionally, responses from M.Arch programs suggest a positive correlation between applications and enrollment.


Kendall Nicholson
Director of Research + Information