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2019 ACSA/EAAE Teachers Conference 
June 28-29, 2019  |  Antwerp, Belgium
Host SchoolUniversity of Antwerp
Co-chairs: Johan De Walsche, University of Antwerp 
                   Richard Blythe, Virginia Tech

The University of Antwerp has organized a variety of tours through Antwerp, so you can get to know the beautiful city.

Below are the tours being offered. Advanced registration is required & space is limited.

 THURSDAY, 27 June 2019 
14:00-15:30       Flemish Architecture Institute, Archive Collection Tour (2 groups of maximum 15 people) 

    Tour Guides: Kaat Verdickt and Dirk Laureys

In this tour, we will visit the archive collection of the Flemish Architecture Institute, where the papers and designs of several former professors of the architecture and interior architecture programs in Antwerp will be shown. We will get insight into the designs and pedagogical material of these professors, such as Léon Stynen, Georges Baines, Jo Crépain, Christian Kieckens, Paul Schellekens, Jul De Roover, Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens and Walter Toubhans.

    Meeting Location: Campus Mutsaard (U. Antwerp) Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
    Cost: Free

14:00-17:00  Modernism Tour (1 group of maximum 15 people)

    Tour Guide: Inge Somers

In this tour, we will visit modernist buildings in the south of Antwerp. We will visit the Kiel social housing estate (modernist high-rise) of Renaat Braem and the high-rise housing blocks at the Jan Devoslei by Jos Smolderen. The Exhibition area with a visit to the house of Léon Stynen and Maison Guiette by Le Corbusier (the outside). We will end with a visit to the cultural center De Singel and the BP Building designed by modernist Leon Stynen. On top of the BP Building we will enjoy a view of the area and Antwerp in general.

    Meeting Location: Berchem Station, back of the station
    Cost: 20€ (euros)


Historic Architecture Tour of Antwerp (1 group of maximum 15 people)

    Tour Guide: Piet Lombaerde

During a short tour in the center of the city of Antwerp we will visit a number of historical places. We will make a walk back through time, from the 19th until the 13th century, starting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. There we can also have a look at the last relics of the former Minorite Church. Our second stop is a restored ensemble of two Renaissance and Early Baroque palaces, belonging in the 17th century to the burgomaster Nicolaes Rockox and the painter Frans Snyders. A reconstruction of the 16th-century botanical garden in the inner court of the Rockox House is most exciting. From there we will continue to the former Jesuit church of St. Carolus Borromeus built in 1621, one of  the most brilliant Baroque achievements in the Southern Netherlands. Our third visit will the Rubens House and its garden with the recently restored portico and garden pavilion, all in a typical Baroque style. A short walk brings us to the old St. Elisabeth hospital where the Maagdenhuis (or Maidens’ House, a historic building from the 16th century that was used as an orphanage for the maegdeckens or maidens), where we have the chance to visit an exhibition about the 16th-century great entrepreneur Gilbert van Schoonbeke. This extraordinary business man made the Spanish fortifications, the Nieuwstad with its breweries and hydraulic system, and was responsible for the creation of many new streets, public houses and places in Antwerp.

Our last stop will be the Cathedral of Our Lady, built between 1352 and 1521 as one of the world's tallest buildings. This majestic cathedral still dominates the skyline of the city and is a milestone in the construction history of Gothic cathedrals. We are lucky to visit a most remarkable temporary exhibition of paintings by the famous Renaissance and Baroque painters such as Rubens, Metsijs, De Vos, Floris and Van Orley. A final walk to the Felix House (actually City Archives of Antwerp) gives us the opportunity to have a quick look at typical Baroque porches in the streets and at a Godshuis on the Bontwerkersplaats, a nice example of a 15th-century court of almshouses.

    Meeting Location/Departure: Campus Mutsaard (U.Antwerp) Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
    Cost: 35€ (Euros)

 14:00-16:00 Contemporary Living in Old Town Tour (1 group of maximum 20 people)

    Tour Guide: Jan Meersman

In this tour we will walk through the late 19th- and 16th-century center of the town and we will focus on contemporary interventions. We will try to visit the interior of some of the following projects: Elisabeth Centre (Kirkegaard Associates, SimpsonHaugh Architects), Antwerp Tower (Wiel Arets Architects, under construction), Operaplein (Manuel de Sola Morales), Stadsfeestzaal, Theaterplein (Secchi, Viganò and Jaspaert), Rubenshouwe Entrance Pavilion (Stéphane Beel), Bourla Theatre (Pierre Bourla & DRDH Architects), Botanical Garden, De Serre, Antwerp Management School (HUB Architects), Politietoren (Renaet Braem), Helix (Polo Architects), Drukkerijstraat (DMT Architecten), Plantin Moretusmuseum (noAarchitecten), Voetgangerstunnel (Emiel Van Averbeke), Zuiderterras (AWG Architecten), Het Steen (noAarchitecten), & Het Stadhuis (HUB)

    Meeting Location: Dome of Central Station, Antwerp
    Cost: Free


Tour 2060 (1 group of maximum 20 people)

    Tour Guide: Nathalie Vallet/Els Spitaels (TBC)

Visit the Central Station, the Permeke Library, the Kievit Square, the Atlas House, centre De Winkelhaak, China Town + covered market hall, and other buildings with a social purpose in Antwerp. We will end with a multicultural afternoon tea (with sweets from Morocco, Turkey, China, etc.)

    Meeting Location/Departure: Astrid Square (Central Station)
    Cost: Free

 FRIDAY, 28 June 2019 
12:30-14:30 Jozef Peeters Apartment Tour (2 groups of maximum 9 people)

Tour Guides: Selin Geerinckx and Els De Vos   

The apartment interior of Jozef Peeters (1895-1960), who was a pioneer of modern art and later the appointed godfather of the Antwerp ZERO movement (G58), forms a total work of art in which the walls, the furniture and the paintings are united through color. Comparing the experiences of looking at sketches, models and drawings with a unique visit on site, this tour will allow the visitors to understand the apartment more in-depth. Afterwards, we can exchange our impressions during a lunch nearby.

    Meeting Location/Departure: Campus Mutsaard (UAntwerp) Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
    Cost: 25€ (Euros) (Includes: bike rent & admission)




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