Practice of Teaching | Teaching of Practice: the Teacher’s Hunch 
2019 ACSA/EAAE Teachers Conference 
June 28-29, 2019  |  Antwerp, Belgium
Host School: University of Antwerp
Co-chairs: Johan De Walsche, University of Antwerp
                   Richard Blythe, Virginia Tech




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Following is the preliminary conference schedule, which is subject to change. Please check back for the most up-to-date information. 

 THURSDAY, 27 June 2019 
14:00    Pre-Conference ToursFlemish Architecture Institute, Modernism Tour, Historic Architecture Tour of Antwerp, Contemporary Living in Old Town Tour, & Tour 2060
18:00    Registration 
19:00    Welcome and Conference Opening
20:00    OPENING KEYNOTE: Johan De Walsche & Richard Blythe
 FRIDAY, 28 June 2019 
08:30   Registration 
09:00    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies I
    Critical Historiography and the Design Studio Pedagogy    Amir Ameri, U. Colorado Denver 
    The School as City, the City as School   Mireille Roddier, U. of Michigan
    “Hating on” Architecture
John McMorrough, U. of Michigan
    Doctor Jekyll and Architect Hyde  
Daniele Campobenedetto, Politecnico di Torino
Caterina Barioglio, Politecnico di Torino
    Educational Philosophy about the HUNCH I
    Design Teaching Practices   Michela Barosio, Politecnico di Torino
    A Proposal for the PhD in Architecture   Skender Luarasi, Polis U.
    On Empathy & Intuition
  Luben Dimcheff, Cornell U.
    The Teacher’s Hunch and its Foundations   Jorge Mejia, TU Delft Technical U.
    Incubating HUNCHES about Pressing Issues into Academia I
Twin Labyrinths
  Frank Weiner, Virginia Tech
    Breaking Good
  Daniel Friedman, U. of Hawaii at Manoa
    Practical Theorization vs. Theoretical Practice in Oma/Amo  
Belen Butragueno, U. Politécnica de Madrid
Javier Francisco Raposo, U. Politécnica de Madrid
María Asunción Salgado, U. Politécnica de Madrid
    Try Something New   Andrew Burns, Andrew Burns Architecture
    Critical Bridge   Jonathan Rule, U. of Michigan
    Applying Academics' HUNCHES into the Real I
    An Interdisciplinary Architectural Pedagogy for Social Relevance   Kelum Palipane, U. of Melbourne
    All Access   Julia McMorrough, U. of Michigan
    Neonomads   Gregory Spaw, American U. of Sharjah
Patrick Rhodes, American U. of Sharjah
    Expansive Learning and Change Laboratory Model in Architectural Education
Anne Kurjenoja, U. de las Américas Puebla
Melissa Schumacher, U. de las Américas Puebla
Edwin Gonzalez, U. de las Américas Puebla
Eduardo Gutierrez, U. de las Américas Puebla
10:30    Break 
11:00    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies II
    Pas de Deux  
Clarisse Labro, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
Dario Negueruela, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
    Re-conceptualizing the Role of Tutors in Research-Based Pedagogy
  Olga Ioannou, National Technical U. of Athens
    From Critical to Transformative Pedagogy in Architectural Education   Kristin Jones, Illinois Inst. of Technology
    The Architectural Teaching Paradox
Cecilia De Marinis, Deakin U.
Dorotea Ottaviani, Virginia Tech
    Educational Philosophy about the HUNCH II
    No Time to Think
Maria Vera, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas
Eric Strain, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas
Shai Yeshayahu, Ryerson U.
    Spatial Network Analysis   Seung Ra, Oklahoma State U.
    Dialectical Pedagogies  
Loukia Tsafoulia, City Coll. of New York
Severino Alfonso, U. Politécnica de Madrid
    Cartographic Sublime  
Frances Hsu, Aalto U.
Peter Lang, Royal Inst. of Art Stockholm
    Incubating HUNCHES about Pressing Issues into Academia II
    Design Practise and Scholarly Research   Katelijn Quartier, U. Hasselt
    Float: Designing for the Rise in Sea Level   Camilo Cerro, American U. of Sharjah
    The Detroit Conrail Greenway
  Anirban Adhya, Lawrence Technological U.
    Border Heritage
Davide Servente, U. of Genoa
Carmen Andriani, U. of Genoa
Beatrice Moretti, U. of Genoa
    Toward Public Sector Practice   Cathi Ho Schar, U. of Hawaii at Manoa
    Applying Academics' HUNCHES into the Real II
    Shaping Public Space, in Public, with the Public  
Antje Steinmuller, California Coll. of the Arts
Christopher Falliers, California Coll. of the Arts
    Jinni or Universe in a Pocket?
  Antonio Petrov, U. of Texas at San Antonio
    Critical Service-Learning Pedagogy in Architectural Education   Silvina Lopez Barrera, Mississippi State U.
    Action Oriented Design   Karim Najjar, American U. of Beirut
    Situated Knowledges
Yazmin Crespo Claudio, Harvard U.
Ignacio Cardona, Harvard U.
Michael Smith Masis, Harvard U.
12:30    Lunch (on your own) 
    Optional TourJozef Peeters Apartment
14:30    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies III
    Hinges, Articulating the Limits of Inside / Out   Alejandro Borges-Gonzalez, Texas A&M U.
    Figuring in Friction   Adam Modesitt, Tulane U.
Tiffany Lin, Tulane U.
    Learning Frontiers   Patrick Macasaet, RMIT U.
    Studio as a Design Clinic   Aleksandr Mergold, Cornell U.
    Criticality, Courage, and Curiosity   Benjamin Peterson, Boston Arch. Coll.
    Educational Philosophy about the HUNCH III
    Animating Mediums   Catty Dan Zhang, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
    From Representation To Infrastructure   Carla Aramouny, American U. of Beirut
    Productive Anachronism   Elizabeth Keslacy, Miami U.
    Visual Culture, Disciplinary Engagement and Drawing   Abu Talha Farooqi, Ansal U.
Sourav Ba
Ansal U.
    Incubating HUNCHES about Pressing Issues into Academia III
    Double (Hunch) Negative   Eric Strain, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas
José Gámez, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
    The Teaching Didactics of Álvaro Siza   Pedro Pinto, Dinâmia Cet / ISCTE-IUL
    The Vessel, the Tower, and the Ruin  
Joss Kiely, Louisiana State U.
Kristen Kelsch, Louisiana State U.
Anca Matyiku, McGill U.
    Designing towards Ecological Environments   Oswald Jenewein, U. of Texas at Arlington
    Applying Academics' HUNCHES into the Real III
    Bridging the Gap   Paolo Sanza, Oklahoma State U.
    Architectural Education and The Politics of Architect – Client Relationship   Ahlam Harahsheh, U. of Sheffield
    Teaching and Researching Contemporary Professionalism   Robert Hyde, Manchester School of Arch.
    Technological Disruption and the Practice and Teaching of Architecture   Darius Sollohub, New Jersey Inst. of Technology
    The Virtual, The Actual, and The Aspen Idea   Amir Alrubaiy, U. of Colorado Denver
16:00    Break 
16:30    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies IV
    Critical Reflection and the Role of the Architectural Educator in the Design Studio   Jennifer Barker, U. of Memphis
    Everything Old is New Again   Thomas Forget, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dean Crouch, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
William Philemon, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Noushin Radnia, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte
    In the Shadow of the Doubt   Sebastiano d'Urso, U. of Catania
    Timelines   Alice Vialard, Northumbria U.
    Educational Philosophy about the HUNCH IV
    Patterned   Rana Abudayyeh, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville
    Exploring Spatial Qualities  
Robin Schaeverbeke, KU Leuven
Liselotte Vroman, KU Leuven
    Design of Sound and Place in Urban Environments- Recent Studios   Marie-Paule Macdonald, U. of Waterloo
    Drawing the Obvious, Seeing the Hidden   Emily McGlohn, Auburn U.
    Incubating HUNCHES about Pressing Issues into Academia IV
    Save-As Detroit   Allegra Pitera, U. of Detroit Mercy
    Lost Spaces   Sally Stone, Manchester School of Arch.
Tom Jefferies, Manchester School of Arch.
Eamonn Canniffe, Manchester School of Arch.
    The “How” is Next   Romina Canna, IE University
    The Contemporary Predicament   Ghazal Abbasy-Asbagh, American U. of Beirut
    Lateral Shifts  
Sven Verbruggen, U. of Antwerp
Lara Schrijver, Delft U. of Technology
    Applying Academics' HUNCHES into the Real IV
    A Disruptive Partnership   John Poole, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville
    The Impermanence of Buildings   Sabir Khan, Georgia Inst. of Technology
    A Performative Threshold Between Teaching, Research and Practice  
Darío Negueruela del Castillo, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
Julien Lafontaine Carboni, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
Aurélie Dupuis, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
Dieter Dietz, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
    Synthesis   Victoria Jolley, Manchester School of Arch.
    How Do We work?
Byron Wolfe, Temple U.
Seher Erdogan Ford, Temple U.
 SATURDAY, 29 June 2019 
08:30    Registration 
09:00    Poster Presentations 1
    Set Them Free   Nathan Richardson, Oklahoma State University
    Edge Conditions   Ann Borst, Wentworth Institute of Technology
    The Future of Dwelling   Camilo Cerro, American University of Sharjah
    Imaginary Alternative Infrastructures for Local Transportation   Carla Aramouny, American University of Beirut
    From the Prosaic to the Poetic  
Juan Penabad-Sanchez, Universidad de Puerto Rico
Luis Y. Negrón-Rivera, Universidad de Puerto Rico
    Always Personal Always Political  
Helen Aston, Manchester School of Architecture
Emily Crompton, Manchester School of Architecture
    Action Network Models  
Scott Lloyd, ETH Zurich
Hans-Christian Rufer, City of Zurich
    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies V
    Angelus Novus   Elena Rocchi, Arizona State U.
    Con->Text: Text as Context  
Julia Kirton, Doña Ana Comm. Coll.
Lamaia Vaughn, Doña Ana Comm. Coll.
The Imaginative Space of Narrative  
Tracy Moir-McClean, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville
Disorienting Dilemma Scott Singeisen, Savannah College of Art and Design
    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies VI
    Augmentations of the Real  
Matias del Campo, U. of Michigan
Sandra Manninger, U. of Michigan
    From Lab to Field   Corneel Cannaerts, KU Leuven
    Performing Form  
Theodora Vardouli, McGill U.
Francois Sabourin, McGill U.
    MassMaker 3.0  
Jeffrey Schantz, Mass. Coll. of Art & Design
Peter Jurgensen, Mass. Coll. of Art and Design
    Digital Instruction and the Pedagogy of Hesitation  
Micah Rutenberg, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville
Scott Wall, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville
    Educational Philosophy about the HUNCH V
    Ordering Systems  
Bradford Watson, Montana State U.
    Research and Teaching as Actions Supporting the Specificity of a Territory  
Pier Francesco Cherchi, U. of Cagliari
Marco Lecis, U. of Cagliari
Marco Moro, U. of Cagliari
    Naturally Brutal   Dragana Zoric, Pratt Inst.
    Understanding the Informal City   David Isern, Texas Tech U.
    Border Crossing & Territorial Assemblages   Danelle Briscoe, U. of Texas at Austin
    Applying Academics' HUNCHES into the Real V
    Hands-On   Dalibor Hlavacek, Czech Technical U. in Prague
Martin Cenek, Czech Technical U. in Prague
    Design-Build Studio Outcomes
Emilie Taylor, Tulane U.
Ann Yoachim, Tulane U.
Austin Hogans, Tulane U.
    Rethinking (Practice) through Remaking   Markus Berger, Rhode Island School of Design
    Design-Build Nomenclature and the Production of Knowledge   Michael Hughes, American U. of Sharjah
10:30    Break 
11:00    Poster Presentations 2
    I Didn’t do Architecture Today…   Federico Garcia Lammers, South Dakota State University
    Teaching Urbanism   David Isern, Texas Tech University
    Disassembling to Assemble  
Almudena Ribot, Pennsylvania State University
Diego Garcia-Setien, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Enrique Espinosa, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Begoña de Abajo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Gaizka Altuna,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    Interrogating the Mundane   Rick Sommerfeld, University of Colorado Denver
    Material Topologies   Jason Scroggin, University of Kentucky
    Core Sample   Nikole Bouchard, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Hans Christian Hansen and the Poetics of Classicism  
Aida Espanyol Vilanova, Arkitektskolen Aarhus
Christoffer Thorborg, Arkitektskolen Aarhus
The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies VII
    Precedent-Based Learning Omer Akin, Carnegie Mellon University
    Working with Architectural References
Kim Helmersen, ETH Zürich
Jan Silberberger, ETH Zürich
Architectural Exhibitions: The Disciplinary Edge? Ellen Donnelly, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Earth on Display:  The Anthropocene in the Natural History Museum Rania Ghosn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies VIII
    The Death of the Desk Crit  
Malini Srivastava, U. of Minnesota
Mike Christenson, U. of Minnesota
John Barton, Stanford U.
    Rethinking The Crit  
Miriam Dunn, U. of Limerick
Mark Price, U. College Dublin
Maureen O Connor, Cork Inst. of Technology
Patrick Flynn, Technological U. Dublin
    The Power of Process   Nathan Richardson, Oklahoma State U.
    On Beyond Artifact
Kenneth Brooks, Arizona State U.
    The HUNCH and Architectural Pedagogies IX
    Merging Thresholds and New Landscapes of Knowledge   Giovanni Santamaria, New York Inst. of Technology
    (Digital) Design-Build Education   Andrew Colopy, Rice U.
    Thinking through Building   Sergio Miguel Figueiredo, TU Eindhoven
    Constructible Ground   Laura Pérez Lupi, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
    Applying Academics' HUNCHES into the Real VI
    Understanding the Value of Travel   Camilo Cerro, American U. of Sharjah
    Universal Method, Local Design   Cristina Murphy, Morgan State U.
Carla Brisotto, U. of Florida
    Pepper Politics   Suzanne Frasier, Morgan State U.
Lakshmi Manohar, MES College of Arch.
    The Indigenous Ecologies Studio and the Agency of Architecture   Phoebe Crisman, U. of Virginia
12:30    Lunch (on your own) 
14:30    KEYNOTE: Jonathan Sergison
15:30    Table Discussions with Authors & Scientific Committee
16:30    Break 
17:00    Table Disussions with Authors & Scientific Committee 




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