Call for Design Proposals

2018 ACSA Fall Conference  |  PLAY with the Rules
October 11-13, 2018  |  Milwaukee, WI
Host School: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Co-chairs: Jasmine Benyamin, Nikole Bouchard, Whitney Moon, Kyle Reynolds, & Mo Zell, UWM


In the spirit of the conference theme, we seek to broaden both the form and content of submissions. As a result, we have created a call for small and large designs that Play with the Rules.

Submission Deadline EXTENDED: May 2, 2018

     Call for SMALL Design Proposals: The Portmanteau
In their 1991 Tourisms: Suitcase Studies installation at the Walker Art Center, Diller + Scofidio broke the boundaries between art, architecture and design with a traveling exhibition that explored the relationships between bodies, geographies, histories and technologies. Taking inspiration from this playful, yet powerful approach, the call for The Portmanteau seeks physical design proposals packaged within a carry-on suitcase that clearly address one of the conference sub-themes. Selected Portmanteaux will be displayed and discussed during the 2018 ACSA Fall Conference (and then exhibited at a Milwaukee museum). To submit a Portmanteau proposal, please provide:

Portmanteau Submission Requirements

  • A Portmanteau project description that does not exceed 250 words.
  • One letter-sized image that clearly conveys the Portmanteau project.

  Call for LARGE Design Proposals: The Pavilion
There are seemingly more experimental architectural attitudes and movements than ever. There is also less capital available to test that experimentation on prototypical building typologies. As such, pavilions have become the de-facto medium for built architectural experimentation. Pavilion competitions and exhibitions are pervasive and run the gamut. While we’re adding yet another to the list, we seek pavilion proposals that critically re-examine the role of the pavilion in contemporary architectural discourse and production. Pavilion proposals should clearly address one of the conference sub-themes and be designed as site-less with a $25,000 budget in mind. Selected pavilions will be debated during the 2018 ACSA Fall Conference and displayed at a Milwaukee museum. Pending available funding, a winning Pavilion will be built on a local site (TBD).

Pavilion Submission Requirements

  • A Pavilion description that does not exceed 250 words.
  • One letter-sized image that clearly conveys the Pavilion project.

* Authors of selected pavilion entries will be asked to submit three 20”x30” portrait oriented presentation boards and a 1”=1’-0” physical model to be exhibited at the 2018 ACSA Fall Conference.


*Funding is being sought from the NEA to support the construction of the design proposals both small and large: The Portmanteau and The Pavilion. Notification of this funding will be announced as early as April/May 2018. 


Submission Requirements

  • Design proposal abstracts must not exceed 250 words, and include nor more than single image.

  • All abstracts must be prepared for anonymous review (remove author/contributor names and affiliation identification).

  • Authors may exhibit more than one proposal at the conference.

  • Submissions must be written in English.

  • The 2018 ACSA Fall Conference is open for submissions to any professional and faculty worldwide. If you are already an ACSA member, please log into the website and complete your submission. If you are not an ACSA member or do not have ACSA credentials, please send an email to or to request credentials for the 2018 Fall Conference.

How to Submit
The deadline for submitting a design proposal to the Fall Conference is May 2, 2018 (extended). Authors will submit abstracts through the ACSA online interface. When submitting your abstract, you will be guided through the following steps: 

1. Log in with your ACSA username and password. Forgot Password?

2. Enter the title of your proposal.
3. Enter (copy/paste) your abstract (250 words).

    • Omit all author names from the abstract and any other identifying information to maintain an anonymous review process.
4. Add additional authors for your paper, if any.
5. Upload the single image file (PDF or JPEG)
6. Click Submit to finalize your submission. Note: Your paper is not submitted unless you click the Submit button and receive an automatic email confirmation.



Peer-Review Process
All abstracts will undergo a blind peer-review process. The conference co-chairs will take into consideration the evaluations furnished by the peer-reviewers and render final acceptance decisions. Selection is based on innovation, clarity, and topic relevance.

Conference Presentation
Accepted submissions will be exhibited during the conference. It is policy that accepted authors pay full conference registration to exhibit at the conference. 

Chairs reserve the right to withhold a proposal from the program if the author has refused to comply with the guidelines. Failure to comply with the conference deadlines or request for materials in advance may result in an author being dropped from the program.

May 2, 2018                   Proposal Deadline EXTENDED
June, 2018                     Proposal Notification 
October 11-13, 2018      ACSA Fall Conference | PLAY with the Rules Exhibition  





For questions please contact:
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Director of Operations and Programs
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