2012 ACSA Fall Conference / Modular Building Institute
September 27-29, 2012, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Host School: Temple University
Co-chairs: Ryan E. Smith, University of Utah; John Quale, University of Virginia; Rashida Ng, Temple University



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Prefabrication Education Workshop / Essentials of Commercial Modular Construction


Building Strong Project Management Skills / Modular Building Institute (MBI) Industry Training


Digital Innovation
Session I

History Session I
Industry Innovation Session

Material Innovation  
Session I

Keynote - Atlantic Yards Highrise Modular
Factory Tour: NRB Modular
Component Systems Session
Housing Plenary

Material Innovation
Session II

Theories of Fabrication Plenary

Classrooms & Disaster
Relief Session

Digital Innovation
Session II

History  Session II
Sustainability Session
Keynote - Offsite in the UK

Design Speculations

Housing Session I
Solar Decathlon Session
Theories of Fabrication Session I
History Session III
Housing Session II
Pedagogy Session
Theories of Fabrication Session II
Closing Plenary / Lunch
Modules Project Tour


08:00 AM - 03:00 PM  

Prefabrication Education Workshop / Essentials of Commercial Modular Construction
Ryan E. Smith, University of Utah & Laurie Roberts, NRB Modular facilitate a discussion
and offer AIA continuing education on the subject of design and construction of
permanent multi-story offsite modular construction.
For more information visit: Prefab Education    


Building Strong Project Management Skills / Modular Building Institute (MBI) Industry Training
Presenter:  FMI Corporation
For More Information visit:

03:30 PM - 05:30 PM  

Digital Innovation Session I
Moderator: Anselmo Canfora, University of Virginia

Critiquing CAM: Comparing Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Traditional Manufacturing
Dana K Gulling, North Carolina State University

Who already does this better? Mass Production + Customization
Marc A. Roehrle, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Off Site / On Site:  Re-Siting Modular Construction Through Robotic Manufacturing
Joshua Bard, University of Michigan


History Session I       
Moderator: Jeremy Voorhees, Temple University         

Prefab + Solar at Midcentury
Anthony Denzer, University of Wyoming

Cherner and the FHA: Housing Research in the 1950's
Jane Murphy, Ohio State University

Mail-Order Modern: Supermarket Magazines, Vacation Cabins, and Modular Measure in the 1950s
David Hill, North Carolina State University

Off and On:  Successes and Failures of Prefabrication of Houses
Linda Brock, University of British Columbia

An American Wartime Dream: The Packaged House of Konrad Wachsmann and Walter Gropius
Alicia Imperiale, Temple University


Industry Innovation Session          
Moderator: James Guthrie, Miletus Group, Inc.       

Technical and Economic Challenges for Modular Construction in the UK and EU
Ray Glenn Ogden, Oxford Brookes University

Logistical Aspects of Prefabrication
Emanuel Jannasch, Dalhousie University

A Case Study on Multi-trade Prefabrication
Kihong Ku, Philadelphia University
Paul Broadstone, Virginia Tech
Anthony Colonna, Skanska USA Building

Offsite Fabricators and Customization in History and Practice
Liane A. Hancock, Louisiana Tech University

Customized Container Architecture
Adrian Robinson, Oxford Brookes University

Iterative Resilience:  Synchronizing Dynamic Landscapes with Responsive Architectural Systems
Meredith Sattler, Louisiana State University


Material Innovation Session I
Moderator: Bradley Guy, Catholic University of America

AAC Textile Block System
Lawrence Blough, Pratt Institute

Investigation of the Process of Digital Design, Virtual Prototyping, Simulation Testing and CNC Manufacturing of Contemporary "Post-and-Beam" Timber Framed Buildings
Faidon Nikiforiadis, Low Carbon Building Design, UK

Pattern and Performance: A Cast Study
Andrew Cruse, Washington University in St. Louis

Tessellating Terracotta: The Performative Potential of Ceramic Systems for Prefabrication
Clare Olsen, California Polytechnic State University


06:00 PM - 07:30 PM


Keynote - Atlantic Yards Highrise Modular

Alex Terzich, Design Associate, SHoP Architects; 
Erik Churchill, Project Manager, SHoP Architects; 
Geoff Morrisey, Senior Structural Engineer, Arup; 
Amy Marks, President, XSite Modular
Presentation and Panel Discussion on the progress of the Atlantic Yards modular high rise in New York City 

See: SHoP Architects









07:30 AM - 02:00 PM  

Factory Tour: NRB Modular (boxed lunches provided)


02:00 PM - 03:30 PM


Component Systems Session
Moderator: Ian Atkins Kohn Pederson Fox Associates

Off Building Pre-Assemblies:  Building Envelope Systems Pre-assembled for Optimal Modularization and Improved Workflow
Minjung Maing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Housing Agency System (HAS): Multi-Criteria Satisficing & Mass-Customization of Homes
Michael S Bergin, University of California, Berkeley

Architects + Manufacturing: A Catalog of Architects Customizing Repetitive Building Elements
Dana K Gulling, North Carolina State University

Thermal Performance Issues of Glazing Facades and the Use of Environmental Parameters in Exterior Shading Device Design
Nik Nikolov, Lehigh University

    Special Focus Session - Housing Plenary
Moderator: John Quale, University of Virginia
  • Scott Hedges, entrepreneur & Greg La Vardera, architect, discuss Optimizing Offsite: Residential Construction Systems in Sweden
  • Howard Steinberg,

    Principal, Onion Flats + BLOX Sustainable Building Systems


Material Innovation Session II
Moderator: Rashida Ng, Temple University 

Recasting Precast: Pedagogy, Production, and Performance with Precast Concrete Wall Panel Systems
Matt Burgermaster, New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Molded Remediating Modules: Prefabricated Components for Improving Indoor Air Quality and Condition
Carmen Trudell, California Polytechnic State University

Digital Concrete Fabrication:  Concepts in Parametric Formwork
Nathan Howe, Kansas State University

Modular Commons: Z-Blocks
Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Temple University

    Special Focus Session - Theories of Fabrication Plenary
Moderator: Ryan Smith, University of Utah
  • Roger-Bruno Richard of University of Montreal presents Industrialised Building Systems: The ‘Palette’ of Options
  • Mark Green, Case Design, Inc. will present on BIM implementation in design and manufacturing work flow on complex prefabrication projects by the firm.
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM  

Classroom & Disaster Relief Session
Moderator: Clifton Fordham, Temple University 

Social Process for a Modular Future
Margarette Leite, Portland State University
Sergio Palleroni, Portland State University

FrameScapes: Modular Demountable School for Burmese Refugee Children
David Hill, North Carolina State University

Designing Better Portable Classrooms
Nils Gore, University of Kansas

Habitat Temporanei:  Proposals for Post-Disaster Provisional Housing
Sandy Stannard, California Polytechnic State University

reCOVER: Disaster Recovery Housing System
Anselmo Gianluca Canfora, University of Virginia

Prefabricated Emergency Response Living (P.E.R.L.)
Peter D.D. Hind, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Digital Innovation Session II
Moderator: Sneha Patel, Temple University 

Traditional Complex Modularity in Islamic and Persian Architecture: Interpretations in Muqarnas and Patkâné Crafts, Focusing on their Prefabricated Essence
Negin Dadkhah, Temple University

Youth Hostel Detroit: Reframing Design Build Education Through Digital Practice
Joshua Bard, University of Michigan

Yesterday’s Tomorrow Was Today: the Revival of Mid-Century Optimism in the Age of Digital Fabrication
Damon Caldwell, Louisiana Tech University


History Session II
Moderator: Anthony Denzer, University of Wyoming 

The Production of R.G. LeTourneau’s Prefabricated Concrete Homes: Making the Tool to Make the Thing
Everett E Henderson, Jr., University of Florida

Repeating Success and Avoiding Failures: A Historical Overview of Panelized and Modular Construction in Housing
Michael J. O’Brien, Texas A&M University

The Dismissal of Dymaxion House and Demountable Space
Rob Whitehead, Iowa State University

New ways of living through plug-in and stacking prefabricated modular housing systems
Luis Machuca, Malaga University

Industrial Building Relevancy: A Retrospective of CRS Firm Insights on Designing Production Facilities
Marjorie Callahan, University of Oklahoma


Sustainability Session
Moderator: Yun Yi, University of Pennsylvania 

A Novel “Post-and-Beam” Timber Structural System for Sustainable European Modular Houses

Faidon Nikiforiadis, Low Carbon Building Design, UK

Efficacy of Shipping Container Upcycling: Comparison of Environmental Impacts Between Two Housing Systems
Bradley Guy, Catholic University of America & Stephen Bender, University of Florida

High Octane: Eco-adaptive Architecture
Elizabeth Martin, Southern Polytechnic State University

Prefabricating Charles Moore: Reinterpreted Saddlebags and Aedicules

C. A. Debelius, R. Chadwick Everhart, & James Russell, Appalachian State University

Life Cycle Impact Assessment of a Megapanel Façade System in HL23 Condo
Kyoung-Hee Kim, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

06:30 PM - 08:00 PM  

Keynote - Offsite in the UK

Session Moderator: James Guthrie of Miletus Group

Keynote Speaker: Jaimie Johnston of Bryden Wood (London) presents on designing for manufacture and assembly. 

Panel Discussion: A panel discussion follows with Ray Ogden of Oxford Brookes University 
(Oxford, UK) and Adrian Robinson formerly with Buro Happold (London) to discuss the emergence of offsite growth in the UK during the past decade.

See: Bryden Wood & Miletus Group


08:30 AM - 10:00 AM  

Design Speculation Session
Moderator: Elizabeth Martin, Southern Polytechnic State University 

Folding Modular Retreat
Jessica Hester-Mautner Braverman, North Carolina State University

From ‘part to whole’ to ‘whole to part’: Rethinking Modularity
Luis Ortega, University of Illinois at Chicago

Prefabricated Nested Boxes
Kristina H Yu, University of New Mexico

Your Space Kit: Off-site prefabrication of integrated residential fit-out
Stephen H. Kendall, Ball State University


Housing Session I
Moderator: Franca Trubiano, University of Pennsylvania 

Beyond the Trailer: Rethinking Affordable Manufactured Housing in the U.S.
Carlos Alberto Reimers, Catholic University of America

BRITNEY AND K-FED: The Union of Processed and Un-Processed Components in Affordable Housing
John E Folan, Carnegie Mellon University

Locally Based Approach to Prefabricated Housing
Peter L. Wong & Alexander Suryandono, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

A New Norris House: Give and Take
Samuel Mortimer, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Eco-Fab: A Climatic Responsive Alternative to Manufactured Housing

Sandy Stannard, California Polytechnic State University


Solar Decathlon Session
Moderator: John Quale, University of Virginia 

Unmoored Architecture:  On Modules, Mobility and Manufacturing in the RE:FOCUS House
Mark McGlothlin, University of Florida

Living Light
Edgar Stach, Philadelphia University

The Urban Garden; Industrialized Net Zero Energy Housing
Joseph Wheeler, Virginia Tech

Design-Build: Prototyping a Modular, Energy-Efficient Envelope System with Students
Christian Volkmann, City College of New York


Theories of Fabrication Session I
Moderator: Alicia Imperiale, Temple University 

Modular Urbanism
David Karle, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Speculative Evolution: Computational and Biogenetic Analogues in Contemporary Architectural Production
Pasquale De Paola, Louisiana Tech University

System Structures in Architecture: Towards a Theory of Industrialized Construction
Kasper Sánchez Vibaek, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM  

History Session III
Moderator: Anthony Denzer, University of Wyoming 

Into Africa: A comparison of the metal, prefabricated structures proposed by Auguste Choisy (1893) and Jean Prouvé (1949) for the French colonies
Hilary Bryon, Virginia Tech

Modularity, Prefabrication + Building Manuals In Postwar Italy: Scenes from America
Alicia Imperiale, Temple University

The ‘Single-Pour System’: Thomas Edison and the Production of a House Without Parts
Matt Burgermaster, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Utopia Modulated: The Case of Yona Friedman and the Systemic Approach to the Social Sense of the Fragmentary
Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Temple University


Housing Session II
Moderator: Linda Brock, University of British Columbia 

Compact Prefabrication and the Accessory Dwelling Unit
Kristina H Yu, University of New Mexico

Construction Critical: Technology, Millwork, and Interior Space
Michael D. Gibson, Kansas State University

Prefab for Humanity
Ryan Salvas, Robert Sproull, Jr., and Justin Miller, Auburn University

Ralph Rapson’s Greenbelt: The Evolution of a Prototype
Francisco Gomes, University of Texas at Austin

Toward Green Infill Housing: A modular “kit-of-parts”
Lisa D. Iulo, Pennsylvania State University


Pedagogy Session
Moderator: John E. Folan, Carnegie Mellon University 

Off-the-grid: Three Academic Design/Build Projects Built Offsite, Off-the-grid and for the Public.
Rocco J. Ceo, III, University of Miami

Digital Tolerance: Alternate Groundings for Computer Fabrication Pedagogy
Sam Zeller, Kansas State University

Igor Siddiqui, University of Texas at Austin

The Butler Building as a Pedagogical Instrument
Greg Snyder, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Theories of Fabrication Session II
Moderator: Eric Oskey, Temple University 

Analysis and Integration of Fabrication Systems
Emanuel Jannasch, Dalhousie University

Off-site / Off-world: Prefabrication for Extreme Conditions and Unpredictability
Genevieve Baudoin & Bruce Johnson, University of Kansas

Form Follow Structure: Biomimetic Emergent Models of Architectural Production
Pasquale De Paola, Louisiana Tech University

Simple Aesthetics: Searching for a Theoretical Basis for Design Restraint
Dana K Gulling, North Carolina State University


12:30 PM - 02:00 PM


Special Focus Session - Closing Plenary / Lunch

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM   Modules Project Tour
Brian Phillips, Architect of the Modules student residence of Temple University provides a live tour of this four story permanent modular construction