Call for Research+Design Projects

March 21-24, 2013, San Francisco
Host School: California College of the Arts
Co-chairs: Ila Berman, California College of the Arts; Ed Mitchell, Yale University

October–Project/Poster submission site opens
November 28–Project/Poster submission DEADLINE
January 25–Accept/Reject notifications sent to all authors
February 21–Author registration DEADLINE

Research+Design Project
submissions will be reviewed by a distinguished jury of scholars and practitioners, who will select projects to participate in an exhibition focused on the themes of the ACSA 101 Conference.  Project posters should be submitted in relation to one of the following topic areas:

101_1  Waste(lands) + Material Economies     
Project submissions should tackle waste management and ecological issues which have 
been absorbed into recent architectural pedagogy but are only yet being interrogated for
the conceptual demand placed on the discipline. How might one transfer material research
beyond the technology sequence? How do we understand waste, excess and progress as
a biological and cultural imperative that might need reconsideration and reinvention within
the contemporary architectural design paradigm?

101_2  Energy Circuits + Artificial Ecologies 
Project submissions should focus on the question of ‘environment,’ so prevalent within
architectural discourse, but which is only beginning to interrogate the many assumptions
that have governed our approach to energy and ecology within contemporary practice. 
What new considerations and practices may be governing design research in this area?

101_3  Genetic Systems + Non-standard Modes of (Re)Production
Project submissions should concentrate on digital design and fabrication technologies
which have evolved from being representational tools invested in the depiction of existing
models of architectural space to becoming significant performative machines that have
transformed the ways in which we conceive and configure architectural form, space
and material.

101_4  Exchange Terminals + Interactive Technologies  
Project submissions should explore the intersection between interactive technologies
and architectural space at a number of scales and interfaces. Projects that have developed
responsive technologies or building systems, interactive participation strategies within the
built environment, or operate as hubs for material and information exchange are encouraged.

101_5  Enclaves / Territories + Expanding Megalopolises 
Project submissions should delve into urban environments and their surrounding territories
that are rapidly evolving in response to threats, pressures and opportunities that extend far
beyond the boundaries of the traditional city or which are forming ‘negative utopias’ within
the political space of the city.

101_6  Populations / Networks / Datascapes: From Cloud Culture to Informal Communities  
Project submissions should address populations and audiences that are evolving through
digital interfaces, new discursive networks, ground-up community-based practices, new
constituencies and communities previously under-represented or invisible to conventional
notions of the public, identity groups, and organizations. This session will examine
architecture’s emerging discourses and publics as well as the ways in which data
proliferation, geospatial information and the cartographies of new media are shaping
our understanding of these cultural communities.

101_7  Open 
This is an open category for project submissions that do not correspond to the other
six themed sessions.

Submission Requirements
Authors will submit a 500-word abstract and a PDF or JPEG of the project poster (formatted at 24”x36” landscape orientation). Abstracts as well as posters must be formatted for blind peer review - no names or affiliations should appear on any part of the submission. 

Accepted authors will be notified, by January 7, 2013, and asked to reformat their project posters according to a template that will be provided to them, and to submit a final digital PDF file of their project for inclusion in an exhibition to open during the ACSA 101st Annual Meeting: New Constellations New Ecologies conference in San Francisco. Accepted authors must register for the conference by February 1, 2013 in order to be included.


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