UNCERTAINTY | 2019 Administrators Conference

November 7-9, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Conference Partner:

Tulane University, School of Architecture

Conference Co-chairs:   

Iñaki Alday, Dean, Tulane University
Michelle Addington, Dean, University of Texas at Austin
Kentaro Tsubaki, Associate Dean, Tulane University



Following is a conference schedule-at-a-glance and is subject to change. Please check back for the most up-to-date schedule and information. 

 Thursday, November 7th

Session Chairs:
1:00pm  South Market District Renaissance Tour    
1:30pm Access to Architectural Education: Community Colleges and Four-year Programs   Bruce Lindsey, Washington U. in St. Louis 
3:30pm  The Future of Accreditation: NAAB ARForum19 Update  

Kevin Flynn, Kiku Obata & Comp.
Barbara A. Sestak, Portland State U.
Ellen S. Cathey, NAAB

5:30pm Keynote: PANKAJ VIR GUPTA, University of Virginia

 Friday, November 8th 

Session Chairs:
8:30am Federal/External Funding & International Organization    Allan Shearer, U. of Texas at Austin 
  Preprofessional Education and Beginning Design    Charlton Lewis, U. of Texas at Austin 
10:30am Impact after Catastrophic Events    Carol McMichael Reese, Tulane U. 
  Knowledge, Power, and the Agency of Students     Renee Cheng, U. of Washington 
12:00pm ACSA Lunch     
2:00pm A Field Built on Limits and Thresholds   Richard Campanella, Tulane U. 
  Creating Positive Change in an Uncertain Climate    Courtney Crosson, U. of Arizona 
  Ask NAAB (Programs with Visits in 2021 and 2022)   

Kevin Flynn, Kiku Obata & Comp.
Barbara A. Sestak, Portland State U.
Ellen S. Cathey, NAAB

4:00pm Research: Individual vs. Team   Richard M. Sommer, U. of Toronto 
  Transformative Pedagogies    Kentaro Tsubaki, Tulane U. 
6:30pm Keynote: MITCH LANDRIEU, Mayor, City of New Orleans (2010–2018)

 Saturday, November 9th

Session Chairs:
8:00am  Breakfast
Keynote: KAREN SETO, Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

9:00am Mystifying the Community as Designer   Scott Bernhard, Tulane U. 
  Water Scarcity, Flood, and Climate Change    Adrian Parr, U. of Texas at Arlington 
11:00am Grand Challenges   Michelle Addington, U. of Texas at Austin 
  Professional Practice Education     
1:00pm  Bywater Neighborhood Tour     
1:00pm  Shaping the Built Environment Tour