2015 Administrators Conference

2015 ACSA Administrators Conference: Uncharted Territories
November 12-14, 2015 | San Juan, Puerto Rico
Host School: Universidad de Puerto Rico
Co-Chairs: Patricia Belton Oliver, University of Houston, and Francisco Javier Rodríguez, Universidad de Puerto Rico


Uncharted Territories

With the advent of the third millennium, the survival and relevance of both the university as an institution and the architecture discipline have been challenged by a global economic crisis, emerging technologies, new means of production and communications, and the prophesy of on-line education. Social media, external think tanks and digital innovation signal significant changes that are taking place faster than our ability to digest them, and more and rapid invention is occurring outside the university in spite of our best intentions.

On the one hand, research and interdisciplinary collaborations have unlocked intriguing possibilities for the discipline, but, on the other, the new economics of education have resulted in diminished enrollments and increased fundraising responsibilities for administrators. Furthermore, the recent debate on a streamlined path to licensure could drastically alter the relationship between academia and the profession.

These new realities call for academia and its administrative leaders to re-evaluate the traditional models that regulate our accepted notions of governance and planning.    

The theme of the ACSA conference, Uncharted Territories, is neither a cyclopean prescription nor a myopic proscription, but a diagnostic filter that will focus on a series of new challenges that are relevant to the present and the future of architectural pedagogy.  

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