2013 ACSA Administrators Conference November 14-16, 2013 | Providence, RI
Host School: Rhode Island School of Design
Co-chairs: William Morrish, Parsons The New School for Design; Pradeep Sharma, Rhode Island School of Design

Following is a preliminary schedule. Additional information will be added and updated in the near future.
Please note: Blue highlighted sessions denote the main conference " All Over the Place" track. 


10:30am          New Administrators Workshop 

06:30pm   Opening Panelists
Mario Carpo, Yale U.
Michael Murphy, Mass Design

08:00pm    Opening Reception


08:00am           Breakfast 

08:30am       Welcome
08:45am       Object and Objectile
Nicholas de Monchaux, U. California Berkeley
Ariane Lourie Harrison, Yale U.

      Coffee Break

ARCC Annual Membership Meeting

11:00am        Non-Linear and Quantum 
Martina Decker, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Steven Baumgartner, Buro Happold

01:00pm        ACSA Lunch
02:30pm        Service and Insurgency
Miguel Robles-Duran, Parsons
Gary Lawrence, AECOM Technology Corporations

NAAB 101
This will be an interactive session intended for new administrators, individuals recently assigned responsibility for preparing for an upcoming NAAB visit, individuals interested in serving on visiting teams, and anyone interested in developing a better understanding of the NAAB to visit with NAAB leaders and learn the basics about accreditation, the NAAB, annual reports, and preparing for a visit. The session will be free-flowing and interactive. All are welcome.
04:30pm        Coffee Break 

06:00pm        Voices on the Next Praxis Alphabet and Public Narrative

07:30pm        Reception











"All Over the Place" becomes "A Cloud of Design Terms and Voices"

Ask the NAAB

This is an open session with NAAB directors and staff. Program administrators with upcoming visits; individuals interested in being on teams; anyone with a question about the NAAB, accreditation, annual reports, team rooms, APRs, 2013 Accreditation Review Conference, or the first draft of the 2014 NAAB Conditions for Accreditation is welcome to attend.





Coffee Break





From Cloud to Framework Design for Next Praxis

NAAB Team Room Preparation Workshop

This is an interactive workshop on the preparation and curation of team rooms for 2014 NAAB visits. This is a great opportunity for administrators from any program with a 2014 visit to review the 2012 Procedures on the content and format of team rooms and to learn from the experience of team chairs and program administrators. Best practices and lessons learned from the 2013 Surveys of NAAB Accreditation Activities will be included.





Widening the Pipeline to the Profession + Lunch

Moderator: Corey Saft, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Panelists: Mary Anne Akers, Morgan State University
                Norman Millar, Woodbury University
                Jill C Palmer-Wood, Hudson Valley Community College
                Bartlomiej Sapeta, Keene State University
                Randy Steiner, Montgomery College

With growing pressures to minimize student debt, keep enrollments up, and expand the demographic and economic diversity of students joining the profession, community colleges have emerged as a key partner for architecture schools. Recognizing the key role community colleges will play in developing an equitable and diverse profession, how do accredited schools recognize the range of quality of architectural programs within community colleges and establish an efficient mechanism to transition these students into accredited programs? 

After the Administrators Conference join us for a discussion of ways that architecture programs work with community colleges. Panelists from a number of schools will summarize their formal and informal relationships, and community college representatives will discuss experiences in attracting, educating, and graduating students. 





NAAB Team Training

This is an interactive workshop for anyone nominated to serve as a visiting team member for 2014-2017. Using case studies and actual circumstances, participants will review the nature of team dynamics, how to trouble-shoot unexpected difficulties, and how to write an exemplary Visiting Team Report. Participants should plan to complete the online learning modules on The 2009 NAAB Conditions for Accreditationand The NAAB Procedures for Accreditation, 2012 Edition in advance. Best practices and lessons learned from the 2013 Survey of NAAB Accreditation Activities will also be included. Program Administrators preparing for 2014 or 2015 visits are also welcome.