2012 Administrators Conference

2012 ACSA Administrators Conference
November 1-3, 2012 | Austin, TX
Co-chairs: Frederick Steiner, Nichole Wiedemann + Kevin Alter, University of Texas at Austin

Funded research and peer-reviewed publication are common measures in academia, both of faculty seeking tenure and promotion and of academic programs competing for resources. Meanwhile, architecture advances through reflective practice as well as research. Just as medicine and law require faculty who understand how their professions evolve in the operating room and court room, architecture needs faculty to understand how such rooms get built and how to contribute knowledge about the built environment to a broader audience.

Schools of architecture are located in a wide diversity of contexts from city centers to rural hinterlands; from the Ivies to large, flagship state research universities; from art schools to engineering colleges. Research and practice within these varied ecologies fare similarly.  Where a school or program is placed determines how its faculty pursue research and practice, yet all face the same challenges to educate students, contribute knowledge to the academic community, improve budget outlooks, and fit within institutional missions.

The 2012 Administrators Conference, hosted by the University of Texas at Austin, will explore the intersections between research, practice, and place in an effort to share successes and visualize new scenarios.

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