The competition is open to all ACSA member schools (full, candidate, and domestic or international affiliates).  All student entrants are required to work under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Entries will be accepted for individual as well as team solutions. Teams must be limited to a maximum of five students.


The administration of the competition at each institution is left to the discretion of the faculty sponsor(s) within the guidelines set forth in this document.  Work on the competition should be structured over the course of one semester during the 2018-2019 academic year.


Faculty who wish to enroll students must complete an online Registration Form (available at by April 3, 2019. Complete a form for each individual student or team of students participating. Students or teams wishing to enter the competition on their own must have a faculty sponsor, who should complete the form. There is no entry or submission fee required to participate in the competition. Each registered student and faculty sponsor will receive a confirmation email that will include information on how to upload your final submission online.


Each faculty sponsor is expected to develop a system to evaluate the work of the students using the criteria set forth in this program. In addressing the specific issues of the design challenge, submissions must clearly demonstrate the design solution’s response to the following requirements:

  • the skill to integrate portland cement-based materials to achieve resilient design objectives;
  • an original design innovation;
  • a response to central architectural concepts such as human activity needs, climatic considerations, structural integrity, site planning, creative insight, coherence of architectural vocabulary;
  • clear and comprehensible design.


Submissions must be designed on no more than four 20” x 20” digital boards. The names of student participants, their schools, or faculty sponsors, must NOT appear on the boards.

All boards are required to be uploaded through the ACSA website as JPEG files. Participants should keep in mind that, due to the large number of entries, preliminary review does not allow for the hanging end to end display of presentation boards. Accordingly, participants should not use text or graphics that cross over from board to board. The names of student participants, their schools, or faculty sponsors, must NOT appear on any of the submitted material.


A brief essay, 500 words maximum, (in English) is required as part of the submission describing the most important concepts of the design project. Keep in mind that the presentation should graphically convey the design solution and context as much as possible, and not rely on the design essay to convey a basic understanding of the project. The names of student participants, their schools, or faculty sponsors, must NOT appear in the design essay.


It is required that each presentation address, but not be limited to, the specific criteria outlined in the design challenge through the following required drawings:

  • site plan showing the surrounding buildings and streets, topography and circulation patterns;
  • floor plans;
  • elevations and building sections sufficient to show site context and major program elements
  • drawings that best show the relationship between portland cement-based materials and resilient design objectives, such as floor plans, elevations and sections;
  • detail drawing(s), either two or three-dimensional, illustrating the key elements of infrastructure and building systems;
  • a three-dimensional representation in the form of axonometric, perspective, or model photographs.


Entries must be uploaded through the ACSA Competition website at by 11:59 pm, Pacific Time, on May 22, 2019. If the submission is from a team of students all student team members will have the ability to upload the digital files. Once the final Submission is uploaded and submitted each student will receive a confirmation email notification.

A final submission upload must contain the following:
  • Completed online submission information including all team members and faculty sponsors;
  • Each of the four 20”x20” boards uploaded individually as high resolution JPEG files;
  • A Design Essay.
Winning projects will be required to submit original files/images for use in competition publications and exhibit materials.

Program updates, including information on jury members as they are confirmed, may be found on the ACSA website at ACSA and PCA reserve the right to publish drawings, written descriptions, photographs of entries and the names of student entrants, without compensation.

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