2018-2019 Concrete Competition



The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 Built2Last | Resilience Design Challenge, International Student Concrete Design Competition. Administered by ACSA and sponsored by the Portland Cement Association (PCA), the program is intended to challenge students, working individually or in teams, to investigate an innovative application of portland cement-based materials to achieve resilient design objectives.


This concrete competition offers students the opportunity to design an environmentally responsible RECREATION CENTER that integrates a secondary purpose of post-disaster neighborhood support for community continuity through the inherent attributes of concrete applications.



In its simplest form, concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates. The paste, composed of portland cement and water, coats the surface of the fine and coarse aggregates. Through a chemical reaction called hydration, the paste hardens and gains strength to form the rock-like mass known as concrete.

Within this process lies the key to a remarkable trait of concrete: it’s plastic and malleable when newly mixed, strong and durable when hardened. These qualities explain why one material—concrete—can build high-rise skyscrapers and houses, bridges and basements, sidewalks and superhighways. You can find more information on concrete and portland cement by visiting the Portland Cement Association’s Web site at www.Cement.org.


The Resilient Design Institute states, “Resilience is the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance. It is the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or interruption.

Resilient design is the intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in response to these vulnerabilities. As used by the Resilient Design Institute, resilient design focuses on practical, on-the-ground solutions.”


The purpose of this competition is to explore and create innovative ideas and applications utilizing portland cement- based solutions for resilient designs.


The focus of this competition is to craft an investigation, identify a design improvement and create a solution containing concrete or concrete products as key building materials.


Criteria for the judging of submissions will include: concrete as the primary structural material, creative and innovative use of concrete in the design solution, successful response of the design to its surrounding context, the creative and clear approaches to the design, successful response to basic architectural concepts such as human activity needs, structural integrity, and coherence of architectural vocabulary.

Nicholas R Gelpi, Florida International University
Julie Larsen, Syracuse University
Nick Popoff, Votorantim Cimentos



The design jury will convene in Summer 2019 to select winning projects and honorable mentions. Winning students, their faculty sponsors and schools will receive cash prizes and software totaling nearly $37,000. A total of $10,000 in cash prizes will be distribution in the following manner:

First Prize   Student/Team    $3,500     Faculty Sponsor    $1,100 
Second Prize    
 Student/Team    $2,500 Faculty Sponsor    $850
Third Prize  Student/Team    $1,500 Faculty Sponsor    $550

In addition, each winning school will receive a complete package of PCA’s StructurePoint software, a retail value of $8,900.

StructurePoint combines concrete design software with an array of structural engineering resources to offer a convenient single point of access for design software, support, product specifications, educational tools, and technical information. The software productivity suite provides programs for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and structures. More information is available at www.StructurePoint.org.

Winners and their faculty sponsors will be notified of the competition results directly. A list of winning projects will be sent to all participating faculty sponsors, as well as posted on the ACSA website at www.acsa-arch.org. Prize-winning submissions will be exhibited at the ACSA Annual Meeting and the AIA National Convention and posted on the ACSA and Portland Cement Association websites.

     Fall 2018     
 REGISTRATION BEGINS (no registration fee)
 Fall 2019

Program updates, including information on jury members as they are confirmed, may be found on the ACSA website at www.acsa-arch.org. ACSA and PCA reserve the right to publish drawings, written descriptions, photographs of entries and the names of student entrants, without compensation.

For questions please contact: 

Eric Wayne Ellis
Edwin Hernández
Senior Director of Operations and Programs

Programs Coordinator

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)
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telephone: 202.785.2324

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