Christopher Garrow, Heather Martin and Kaitlin Shenk
Philadelphia University


Donald Dunham, Brian Johnston, Thomas Kirchner, Lisa Phillips and Barbara Macaulay
Philadelphia University


This winning design is a bold and elegant merging of the two programs: building and bridge. The scheme is ambitious, while not being aggressive or overwrought. The presentation is comprehensive, illustrating a lot of well thought out details from shading systems to sensible material selections. The solar thinking is strong, and the project as a whole, addressed the environmental factors well. The structure is in need of more stability, which could easily be achieved with cross bracing, reinforced connections, and a more secure foundation. 


Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attached to the remaining tracks of the reading viaduct, the new pedestrian bridge embraces its role as a repository of knowledge of existing trains. Stream_Line proposes a transparent, flowing passage without sacrificing the sites rich past and urban landscape through refining interactions between history, transportation, and city-scape. The bridge stands as an iconic connection of north and south Philadelphia. With a transparent facade, Stream_Line advertises its purpose by allowing quick glimpses into the space when traveling below on interstate 676, a highway constructed in the 1960s that divides Philadelphia from north to south. A realignment is needed when touching down on the south side of the interstate, due to the existing truck loading ramp for the convention center. Currently, plans are underway to design a usable bridge, such as the highline. The remaining tracks head north west to reading, Pennsylvania and northeast to connect with the current septa lines. Stream_Line replicates this initiative of a gentle curve to achieve the need for realignment. The upper path is lifted to provide shelter from sun and precipitation to the program and path below, and projects towards the city to frame the view. Since this area of Philadelphia currently lacks gathering spaces, the new pedestrian bridge provides a cafe, exhibition space, and gift shop. The multipurpose paths- a dynamic blend of circulation and relaxation- connect these spaces to either side of the interstate. This indoor, outdoor circulation path mixes history, city life, and above all, people. At night the building lights up to provide an after hour presence that mimics the atmosphere Philadelphia uses to promote events going on.