2008-09 Green Community

The 2008-2009 GREEN COMMUNITY Competition is oriented to challenge students to rethink their communities. From major cities to college campuses designers, planners, policy makers, and citizens are rethinking their own towns and cities’ relationship to the environment, from where the energy originates, to where the garbage goes. GREEN COMMUNITY Competition will expand on themes from the National Building Museum’s sustainable exhibits Green Community (2008-2009), Big and Green (2003), and The Green House (2006–2007). GREEN COMMUNITY Competition will focus entirely on the issues of sustainable development—how can we plan, design, and construct the world between our buildings.

GREEN COMMUNITY Competition will encourage students to consider environmental sustainability dependent upon collective, community-scale efforts. The competition will also examine ways of reducing the impact of our built environments on the Earth. The competition will explore sustainable planning strategies such as brownfield/grayfield redevelopment, transitoriented communities, natural resource management, urban agriculture, and land conservation.

GREEN COMMUNITY Competition offers students the opportunity to think critically about their communities looking to a sustainable future. Locate a site in your local community or region, identify the barriers and strengths to living sustainably, and develop a proposal to create a flourishing and sustainable community using the tools of the environmental design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

Criteria for the judging of submissions will include: creativity in the design solution, successful response of the design to its surrounding context, and successful response to the full range of issues within the concept of sustainability, such as the fundamentals of architecture in accommodating human activities, use of appropriate technologies, and stewardship of resources.

WHERE. Your neighborhood…Local, national, international. Towns, cities, neighborhoods, schools, networks. Green from gray and brown, Preserve and change.

WHO. You…Gathering to change their communities. Carrying the legacy of experience to the next generation. Learning, exchanging, conserving, rethinking.

HOW. Policies, planning, innovations. New technologies and time-honored techniques. The traditional and the unconventional.

WHEN. Right now this moment, right now. Change is already here. Honor the past, address the present, plan for the future. Generate sustainable processes Create healthy places.

Green Communities Competition Program (PDF)