Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

ACSA Seeks Part-Time Research Fellow


ACSA invites applications for a part-time, time-limited position as Research Fellow beginning Fall 2022. The Research Fellow will provide project coordination and research support for exciting and dynamic research related to post-secondary schools of architecture. The fellow will work alongside ACSA’s Director of Research and Information, Dr. Kendall Nicholson, on topics surrounding student and faculty demographics, social justice in curriculum, higher education, architecture in K12, and the architecture profession. Primary responsibilities include demographic data collection, data entry, data scraping, file management, and basic statistics. The fellow is expected to work approximately 10 hours a week with the equivalent compensation of $22 per hour.

These duties require skills in data management, the ability to work independently, and excellent attention to detail. Experience in Qualtrics, Tableau is a plus.

  • Support ACSA’s research initiatives for all member schools.
  • Record and/or code data according to project requirements and established protocols
  • Validates incoming data to check for errors and makes appropriate corrections.
  • Scrape websites for voids in research provided by institutions
  • Process, organize, and summarize data; report research findings using a spreadsheet or statistical software applications
  • Make periodic reports of project status to supervisor or other research team members
  • Apply basic research methods or techniques to maintain the integrity of the data collected
  • Assist in the design of surveys and research initiatives and following up with survey participants
  • Perform administrative duties incidental to research tasks
  • Uphold regulations set by the Dept. of Health and Human Services regarding human subjects in research as it pertains to regulation 45CFR 46
  • Respond to requests for information as assigned by the Director of Research and Information.
  • Respond to emails sent to
  • Use Asana to organize projects and track progress.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Educational Qualifications

Required: (a) completed high school degree and either (b) current enrollment in higher education or (c) completed bachelor’s degree

Preferred: university or college course work in one of the built environment disciplines (architecture, design, planning, etc.) or in a field that engages in qualitative and quantitative research.

Experience Qualifications

Required: experience working with Excel to manage and analyze research data

Required: experience working in Microsoft Office and Google Docs

Preferred: experience with any of the following software: Qualtrics, Tableau, SPSS

Plus: experience working on research projects involving data collection, data scraping, data coding, and/or analysis

Other Eligibility Requirements

Fellows must be able to work in the United States, and the work must be completed in the United States. Remote/telework is allowed.


Fellows will work on a contract basis and receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year. An appointment letter will outline the scope of the research work, the estimated amount of time to complete the work, and the total compensation to be received. Compensation will be approximately $22/hour. Fellows may work on multiple and/or sequential contracts through August 31, 2023.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and résumé or curriculum vitae to, subject line: Research Fellow. The cover letter should outline your research experience and how your experience as a research fellow will inform your future career opportunities.