EUI Panel: Organizing Change Toward Health Equity – Friday, October 7, 2022, 12-1:30pm ET


This Epidemic Urbanism panel will center on critical dialogues about the roles that organizations can play in educating the public on the role of the built environment on public health, with a particular focus on implications for global health and health equity. The panel will be chaired by Thomas Fisher and will feature the following panelists: Giselle Sebag, International Society for Urban Health; Sharmin Kader, Environmental Design Research Association; Sharon Roerty, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Alan Logan, Nova Institute for Health. Registration is free for all attendees.

Register here.

* The Epidemic Urbanism Initiative, founded by Dr. Mohammad Gharipour and Dr. Caitlin DeClercq in March 2020, is a global educational hub dedicated to promoting conversations and interventions at the intersection of architecture, infectious disease, and health equity. The EUI consists of 1900+ members from more than 90 countries. As part of this initiative, the founders have organized seven international conferences, an international design competition, and workshops for early career academics and professionals. The founders have also recruited liaisons from 76 countries and published an edited volume, Epidemic Urbanism: Contagious Diseases in Global Cities (Intellect, 2021). Recordings of the EUI events and interviews are available on the EUI YouTube channel.