2020 Steel Competition

1st Place: “W” for Will

Rui Li and Fei Hu

Juror Comments
“W” for Will is an intriguing design with beautifully detailed steel structure creating a faceted exterior. The students’ solution filling the entire city block is an elegant response to the gritty city site. The project’s proportions and use of long span steel structure shows a clear understanding of visual engineering.
Project Description

This project evaluates the waste to energy industry by inserting a new program to enhance and respond to the industrial process. With a media center of collective layers of comprehensive propaganda space, we can convert industrial power into spiritual power inspired by the traditional waste to energy process.

To accomplish the goal, we designed a successive of circulative space to mediate the industrial process from more hazardous to experimental. The stacking form has taken the advantage of gravity and horizontal stretch to greatly reduce the by-products generated by the burning process, and turning the building into layers of different industrial happenings. The middle part houses a large experiencing tunnel to collect the waste heat and steam water, as it also benefits to remove the chimney which was traditionally considered to press the incineration substance. The industrial waste (noise, heat, etc.) is utilized for artistic effect and interior conditioning, etc.   

To reflect our waste-to-will-power philosophy into real life, many interior programs such as the performance studios are connected to the great walkable rooftop looking at the scenic sector of the city. Using the grand staking forms, the rooftop is crafted into a continuation of the scenic promenade, also the stage platform emitting the power of talented wills.  

The translucent facade on the urban sector showcases the interior in colorized programs. Different languages of industrial process and architectural expression are stacked in grammatical tenses, echoing the history of our attitude towards the Waste-to-Energy industry.