Intersections Between the Academy and Practice, Papers from the 2016 AIA/ACSA Intersections Symposium

The Future of Architectural Design in the Post-Digital Era

Intersections Proceedings

Author(s): Aimee Buccellato, Holly Ferguson, Charles F. Vardeman II &

Our presentation at the 2016 AIA Intersections Symposium described a multi-disciplinary research agenda that ponders where architecture, as a discipline and a practice, sits with respect to the age of ubiquitous data. That presentation and the synopsis that follows is focused on our on-going development of novel tools and frameworks to advance decision support for building design and construction in this context. A propos to the workshop theme, Innovative Technologies in Design and Delivery, our work is motivated by emerging technologies in computational and data science that may revolutionize the way the built environment is conceived and produced and, consequently, what that means for the Future of Design in a Post-Digital Era.

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Rashida Ng & Jeff Goldstein