109th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Expanding The View

Scavi: Le Volume de Crevasse

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Peter P. Goche

Scavi: le volume de crevasse, a large-scale installation, was recently developed in the Covid-19 quarantine period. It addresses the makeup of the leftover hardwood ground mat salvaged from the Dakota Access Pipeline project, which passes inside a half-mile of the project site. Addressing the environmental crisis and the covert way the petroleum line was installed, the work sought to inversely cope with such infrastructural aggression by producing a silver-gilded reflection chamber within a crevasse of the lumber pile. This was an effort to venerate the diverse geographies, biotic systems and cultures affected by such subterfuge deployed by the United State government. In this way, the work is developed as “a drawing” by constructing and embellishing a set of situational lines and marks intended to reveal the profound material and cultural nature of the spatial operation. The new set of lines envelops the in-between and aims to illuminate the world by giving it heat, vitality, sense, force, light, and growth, trying to fathom its territories and multiplicities.


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