New Instrumentalities

Public Domesticity - Digital Fabrication and Design-Build in Detroit

International Proceedings

Author(s): Tsz Yan Ng & Wes McGee

[F]orensis is used to interrogate the relation between the two constitutive sites of forensics-namely fields and forums. In forensic terms the division is straightforward; the field is the site of investigation and the forum is the place where the results of an investigation are presented and contested. However, both these sites must be understood to be more than mere locational designations. The field is not only a neutral, abstract grid on which traces of a crime can be plotted out, but itself a dynamic and elastic territory, a force field that is shaped by but also shapes conflict. The forum, in turn, is a composite apparatus. It is constituted as a shifting triangulation between three elements: a contested object or site, an interpreter tasked with translating “the language of things,” and the assembly of a public gathering. Forensis thus establishes a relation between the animation of material objects and the gathering of political collectives.

Volume Editors
Ángela García de Paredes, Iñaqui Carnicero & Julio Salcedo-Fernandez