106th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, The Ethical Imperative

Plateau: Reactivating Ground in the Damour Plains

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Carla Aramouny, Nada Borgi & Sandra Al Rishani

In 2016, a controversial competition was launched by the Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects, on a land purchased in the coastal town of Damour south of Beirut. The lot, historically an agricultural field of banana plantations fertile with the nearby Damour River, is a contested agricultural plain, involving a planned but unutilized transit line and a stretch of public sandy beach that is slowly being privatized. The area embodies a seafront and suburb in uncontrolled mutation. The banana fields and public domain are slowly disappearing and instead high-end gated resorts are being developed. A higher allowable built-up area in this zone is also radically changing its fabric.


Volume Editors
Amir Ameri & Rebecca O'Neal Dagg