109th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Expanding The View

NSF Sponsored: National Workshop on Architectural Faculty in Environmental Sustainability Research (WAFES)

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Joon-Ho Choi, Simi Hoque, Douglas Holmes, Hazem Rashed-Ali & Jeffrey Raven

Despite the critical role of architecture and architectural design in a building’s sustainability profile, most building performance-related research has relied heavily on system and computational process-centered approaches that do not integrate qualitative human and design research parameters. In addition, many Architectural programs in the U.S. have had a cultural preconception of “no-research-needed” in professional schools and have developed their curricula with little consideration of the merits of fundamental or applied research. Such a skewed intellectual atmosphere may isolate Architectural scholars from “major” research initiatives, and limit the advancement of Architectural research and the development of an essential research infrastructure in architecture schools across the U.S. This lack of research advancement delays an Architectural faculty’s research career pathway and forecloses educational opportunities in Architectural research among their students.


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