Crossings Between the Proximate and Remote

Lubbock Scapes Collective Manifesto: Situated Knowledge in Local Matters and Global Conditions

Fall Conference Proceedings

Author(s): Chris Taylor, Curtis Bauer, Idoia Elola, Kenton Wilkinson, Rafael Beneytez Duran & Susan Larson

The Lubbock Scapes Collective is an interdisciplinarygroup composed of faculty from programs in culturalstudies, media and communications, poetry and translation,linguistics, Spanish literature, landscape, art andarchitecture within a single university. Its purpose isto break through the boundaries of “disciplines” bycreating holistic projects that problematize questionsof landscapes through scholarly collaborations thatseek to understand, define, evaluate, and representspaces people inhabit. They do so by using landscapeas a structural model or framework to bring togethera diverse group of disciplines firmly rooted in socialspace and the production of situated knowledge. Thekaleidoscope of shifting spaces in which individualsand groups interact through face-to-face and mediatedcommunication creates multiple horizons for creativereflection and engagement, reclaiming human experiencein a world that has been depicted by objectsperceived as knowledge outside human feelings. Thishistorical framing of landscape is now obsolete and thecollective is searching for new dimensions of the term.

Volume Editors
Urs Peter Flueckiger & Victoria McReynolds