Intersections Between the Academy and Practice, Papers from the 2017 AIA/ACSA Intersections Symposium

INTERSECTIONS Between the Academy and Practice Collaboration: Technology, Research, Practice

Intersections Proceedings

Author(s): John Folan & Julie Ju-Youn Kim

The content included in this volume provides several demonstrable models for how the architectural academy and practice might intersect with greater efficacy and frequency. The writing is unilaterally optimistic –not because it is speculative, but rather because it chronicles processes and methods that have been tested in application. While presented through a set of distinct lenses, all of the work reinforces the underlying positive sensibility inherent in collaboration – collective intelligence. Diverse in scale, scope, and focus, each offers critical assessment of applied knowledge gained through experience. Simultaneously, while diverse, each communicates strategies that are transferrable across those same platform boundaries. In several cases, the work and methodologies chronicled are retroactive in nature, examining the DNA of a building process; oriented toward scientific analysis of how collaborative process might have yielded better performance. In others, the work illustrates alternative models of practice and project team building that can enhance ecological resilience. All of the topics addressed by the authors are timely, relevant to contemporary architectural education and practice, and have been curated to illuminate potential.

Volume Editors
John Folan & Julie Ju-Youn Kim