2021 International Conference: 27th World Congress of Architects

Heavy crown:The dilemma of the protection of the Vernacular dwellings as a“Key Cultural Relics Site Under the State Protection”

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Author(s): Ping-Sheng Wu & Zhen-Nan Ke

Vernacular dwellings are treasures of traditional architecture and important evidence of history and culture. The world’s attention to and protection of Vernacular dwellings has been carried out as early as the beginning of the last century. Based on the field study of the Tsai’s Ancient Folk Houses, this paper makes an empirical study on the protection and development of the Vernacular dwellings. In China, Vernacular dwellings with conservation value are given different levels of titles such as “Key Cultural Relics Site Under the State Protection”.These titles will naturally give it more honor and security.However, the title is also a double-edged sword, bringing with it restrictions and shackles: complicated renovation approval procedures, the lack of autonomy of residents, and the squeeze of urbanization. The protection and development of Vernacular dwellings with “crowns” are struggling.The Tsai’s Ancient Folk Houses were announced as “Key Cultural Relics Site Under the State Protection”in 2001.With this title, more than a decade has passed, its protection and utilization is not satisfactory.This article tries to learn from the relevant theories and practical experience of Vernacular dwellings,and reflect on and criticize the current policies and practical results in China.After that, I hope to explore the scientific protection and effective development, and to put forward relevant suggestions, in order to provide certain reference for the protection and development of similar Vernacular dwelling.

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