Design & Resilience

DATAField Strategies for Technological RESILIENCE through URBAN PROTOTYPING

Intersections Proceedings

Author(s): Marcella Del Signore & Cordula Roser Gray

The leveraging of digital technologies at the intersection of architecture and urbanism allows for imagining scenarios for the future of cities. In line with recent cross-disciplinary research, this paper aims at investigating how large-scale prototyping applied to urban space can generate impact and provide a working model for Resilient Strategies. DATAField, a placemaking intervention developed in New Orleans, investigates how the synthetic integration of ‘the making’ of place, the importance of citizens’ engagement and the incorporation of digital technologies can provide an operative framework for large scale urban prototyping. Introducing models for urban hydrology management, citizen-engaged science, visualization strategies of underlying infrastructural systems and resultant urban prototyping related to resiliency, DATAField demonstrates how digital technologies implemented through systemic approaches can be a powerful tool to design in soft-land and to strengthen citizens’ awareness of ‘how we can live with water’ in vulnerable ecosystems.

Volume Editors
John Folan & Julie Ju-Youn Kim