2019 ACSA Teachers Conference, Practice of Teaching | Teaching of Practice: The Teacher’s Hunch

Critical Historiography and the Design Studio Pedagogy

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Author(s): Amir H. Ameri

The cultures that in their divergent multiplicity were once effectively segregated in space and time, find themselves in close proximity, dialogue and potential competition and conflict in both literal and virtual space as a direct consequence of globalization. Coupled as globalization is with the technologies of the information age, it has dramatically and fundamentally transformed our cultural and cross-cultural modes of communication and exchange, and along with it our cultural experience of space and time. These transformations are not formal and aesthetic per se, but more profoundly cultural and ideological. As such, they are measurably changing all cultures involved in unforeseeable directions. These changes, along with a multi-cultural context to architectural practice in a global economy require a shift of emphasis in architectural pedagogy to better prepare the next generation of architects to meet the unique demands of a plurality of cultures in a state of flux and change.


Volume Editors
Richard Blythe & Johan De Walsche