Design & Resilience

Adaptive Architecture: Towards Resiliency in the Built Environment

Intersections Proceedings

Author(s): Vera Parlac

This paper discusses possibilities afforded by an integrative approach in which overlapping of intelligence, material capabilities, and social and ecological issues inspires an entirely new approach to designing resilience through adaptability. The ability to regulate behavior and adapt to the demands of a situation has always been associated with living organisms. This capacity to adapt is what defines resilience in nature. A technologically augmented built environment can often adapt to changes in its environment, but this adaptivity is often prescribed. If resilience is the capacity to recover from a disturbance and a traumatic event, how is then resilience manifested within a technologically enhanced setting? How do we design resilience into our engineered ecologies? How is this manifested in the design context where boundary between self developing and externally designed is increasingly blurred?

Volume Editors
John Folan & Julie Ju-Youn Kim