107th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Black Box

Acupuncture Urbanism

Annual Meeting Proceedings

Author(s): Stefan Gruber

In times of accelerated urban transformations and limited predictability, top-down design instruments like the masterplan have become ineffective in tackling contemporary urban conditions. By contrast, this studio engages urban milieusinductively: analyzing prevailing ecologies, inscribed cultural codes and the socio-political forces at play in order to seek neuralgic points of design intervention that act as catalysts in the transformation of neighborhoods. Beyond designing buildings, the studio expands architecture students’ repertoire to designing situations and events that promise to bring people together. Rather than obsessing over a final product, here design is explored as a tactical and performative tool for encouraging community engagement and supporting residents’ collective right to the city.


Volume Editors
Amy Kulper, Grace La & Jeremy Ficca