Online Banner Ads

Banner ads deliver graphic punch for your product, event, and program. They are sold based on the number of views by users. Banner ads will be offered on the following sections of the website.

guarantee 15,000 views

ACSA Careers: 
guarantee 10,000 views

ACSA News: 
guarantee 7,500 views

Audience Navigation: 
guarantee 1,500 views

guarantee 5,000 views

guarantee 2,500 views

guarantee 2,500 views

guarantee 2,500 views


Download the enrollment form here to sign up for website banner ads.

Email your completed form to:
Danielle Dent, Director of Membership + Marketing
or fax to: 202.628.0448

+ Download the complete 
   Media Kit today! 

1st ad above fold
(300 x 250 pixels-Medium Rectangle) 

$65 CPM (member)
$95 CPM (nonmember)

1st ad below fold
(180 x 150 pixels-Rectangle)

$50 CPM (member)
$75 CPM (nonmember)

2nd ad below fold
(180 x 150 pixels-Rectangle)  

$40 CPM (member)
$60 CPM (nonmember)

  • Ad will appear for 30 days or until the guarantee is met
  • CPM refers to the cost for 1,000 ad views
  • An ad view is counted each time your ad appears on someone’s computer when they load
  • ACSA does not offer pop-ups, or pop-unders
  • Ad sizes meet IAB standards 

  • Homepage: 1st ad above the fold for 1 month: $65 x 15 = $975
  • Resources: 1st ad below the fold for 2 months: $75 x 2.5 x 2 = $375